Terms of service

Article 1 Terms of use
the150 Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") use the EC site "the150" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") operated by the150 Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") It defines the matters in which customers must comply when using this service.This agreement applies to customers who use this service.You can use this service on condition that you agree to these terms.

Article 2 Scope of this agreement

The contents posted on the site of this service, such as help, the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, and the privacy policy, and the rules that we announce on the site from time to time are also integrated with this agreement.

Article 3 Changes to these Terms

We may add new items to this agreement or change the contents at any time without your consent. If there are any new additions or changes to the preceding paragraph, they will take effect when displayed on this service.

Article 4 Use of this service

Customers can apply for products only through the procedure stipulated in this service and cannot apply by other contact methods.

Article 5 Change Notification

If there is a change in the address, telephone number, or other registered information for this service, the customer shall promptly notify the change by the prescribed method of our company.Our company shall not be liable for any disadvantages to the customer due to the failure to report in the preceding paragraph.

Article 6 Responsibility for ID/password management

The customer is solely responsible for the use and management of ID and password.We will not be liable for any damages you may incur as a result of your ID or password being used by a third party, regardless of your intention or negligence. If you forget your ID/password, you must immediately contact us and then follow our instructions.

Article 7 Establishment of sales contract
The purchase and sale of products ordered by the customer using the service shall be completed when you press the button to agree to order/purchase of this service and the entered information reaches the server of this site.

Article 8 Failure or termination of sales contract

Our company may cancel the order or cancel the sales contract based on our judgment if the following items are applicable even after the sales contract is concluded.
(1) When the customer has been found to have violated the Terms of Use in the past.
(2) When you use this service and use another person's credit card to pay for the ordered product.
(3) If your credit card is incapable of payment for any reason.
(4) When the customer carries out or is likely to perform an act that damages our profits by resale for the purpose of profit.
(5) If you use this service and the product you ordered is not expected to arrive in our company for more than 2 weeks.
(6) If there is an error in the content written on the products in our service.
(7) If you cannot deliver the product due to unknown address or long absence.

Article 9 Returns and exchanges of products etc

The customer cannot offer to return or exchange the ordered product except for the items described below.If within 7 days after arrival, the customer reports to us that the product is defective due to initial failure of the product, damage during delivery, or our mistake, and we acknowledge the fact that the customer has declared the product.

Article 10 Prohibited acts
1. The customer must not do the following in using this service.
If you fall under any of the following items,Our company may take measures such as expulsion of the relevant customer without prior notice, notification, or prior approval to the customer, or suspension of use of this service.

(1) Acts of falsifying, erasing, illegally accessing or attempting to act on the information of products etc. posted on this service.
(2) Acts that damage the reputation or credibility of our company, other customers or third parties, such as slander or defamation, or acts that infringe privacy.
(3) Acts that cause inconvenience or disadvantage to our company, other customers or third parties.
(4) Actions that infringe or may infringe copyrights, trademark rights or any other rights of the Company or third parties, including this service.
(5) The act of purchasing for profit or resale.
(6) The act of impersonating another person and making a purchase.
(7) Acts that conflict with laws and regulations and this agreement.
(8) Acts that violate public order and morals.
(9) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate as a customer using this service.

2. If you violate the preceding paragraph, or if our company or a third party suffers damage as a result of using this service, you will be compensated for the damage suffered by our company or the third party.If another customer or a third party pursues responsibility for us, we will resolve the dispute with that responsibility and expense and we will be exempted from liability.

Article 11 Suspension of this service

Our company can change, suspend or stop this service without notifying the customer in advance. Our company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage incurred by the customer or a third party due to changes, interruptions, or suspensions of our services.

Article 12 Change of operator

Our company can transfer all or part of this service to a third party by posting and notifying to the customer in advance on this site.If the customer uses this service after the transfer date, it is deemed that the customer has consented to this.The same shall apply if the customer does not file an objection within two months from the date of transfer.

Article 13 Disclaimer

Our company will not be liable for any damages caused to the customer caused by using this service or by not being able to use this service, unless our company intentionally or seriously negligently.

Article 14 Governing Law and Agreement Jurisdiction
1. If a dispute arises between the customer and our company, the parties will discuss it and resolve it. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court.

2. Regarding the establishment, effect, performance and interpretation of this agreement, Japanese law shall be the governing law.

Article 15 Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights
All the contents of this site (Text, illustration, logo, icon, design, image, etc.) that are subject to copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights are licensed from our company or a third party. Use (reproduction, reproduction, modification, distribution, posting, sale, publication, etc.) without prior consent or permission of our company or the right holder is strictly prohibited by law.Regardless of the purpose, if we find any acts prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright law, such as unauthorized duplication, unauthorized reprinting or other unauthorized secondary use of our company content, our company takes appropriate action.