Dec 01 2020

Wrapup's new Special Edition "Red" is now available exclusively on our official website!

We will start accepting limited pre-orders for the Special Edition in Red, a pop color that is different from the military-style Wrapup. (Scheduled to ship in mid-December 2020.) Red is recommended for both men and women in casual situations due to its vivid coloring. It has same storage capacity, water repellency, and robustness as our regular Wrapup, but is more casual.

The Wrapup, which goes well with active sports,
is not only for daily use, but also for various sports scenes, outdoor activities, and camping.
The Special Edition Red is sure to attract attention.

【Recommended point】
This is a casual color that is distinct from the military Wrapup.
It is casual and vivid Special Edition "Red" color that the150 is really particular about.

This product is only available on the official website.
Please click the link below for product details.

iPhone12Pro/12 model is here

iPhone12mini model is here