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Storage Capacity and Slimness


To achieve both storage capacity and slimming

The lap -up uses three rooms in the cover part of the case.

By using the fabric as a stretch material, we have achieved expandability to store all small items expected in everyday life, such as coins, cards, and keys.
And we thought that we had to realize it at all, to achieve both storage capacity and slimming.
Therefore, when selecting the fabric, we are not only elastic but also all of the restoration, texture, and quality. It was a conflicting factor in which the restoration would be worse if stretched too much, and the storage capacity would drop if it focuses on looks, but in the case of repeating many tests, the fabric of nylon 88 and polyurethane 22 is double structure. I arrived at the solution.

Even if the storage is increased, it can be stored, and when there are few things, you can keep a slim silhouette.



Protect important items
Pursuing toughness

We were particular about toughness to protect the device that had a payment function. The part that stores the smartphone is a case made of mills specs polycarbonate.

By using a double structure with the normal TPU case, the protection function is enhanced while realizing a slim silhouette.

The exterior fabric is made of water -repellent material, and the scrutinization surface that is easily damaged is coated with a special paint to enhance durability and design.
The zipper is made of highly reliable YKK, and the surface of the tape is laminated with a polyurethane film.
It looks like a matte texture, and the slider is also considered to be easy to grasp with the same colored rubber material.

New style

New carrying
Propose a style

The interior and back of the case of the flap are covered by surface zipper, so it can be stored in wrapped in a smartphone. Using this function, it is possible to attach it to a bag strap.

It can be fixed using the attached carabiner and strap, so the fall prevention measures are perfect.
The whole back is a surface zipper, and the appearance with a military taste is also realized. The inner surface zipper inside is a short type of hair, taking into account the thickness. The unique design to prevent the falling of stored has realized unprecedented safety.


iPhoneX / iPhoneXS

Technical Specifications
Compatible with Wireless Charging

Product Specifications
Body Weight: About 70g
Material: Polycarbonate, TPU
Package size: about H250 x W178 x D22mm