WrapUp for iPhone15/14/13/12/Pro


At first glance it is a normal tote bag,
The strongest class equivalent to a cooler -only bag
Equipped with a cooler with cool performance 24 hours a day.
Gears indispensable in summer sports and outdoor scenes

WrapUp for iPhone12Pro/12

IPhone case in the Cassless era.
iPhone and cash, cards, keys, etc.
Case that can be stored smartly


How the150 GOT STARTED

In this modern age, which is full of many things,
The things required are not only fulfilling the necessary purpose, but also provides design, originality, innovation and various elements and characteristics.
As a result, we have a lot of options.

In the modern age, the THE150 will start
With such a situation, we will inevitably start.
Based on the modern situation, we imagine new value for people's lives, and propose our own interpretation and new possibilities without compromise, providing some triggers and surprises in the world. The purpose is to do, that is the group called THE150.

Pick Up Items Surprise and innovation created by The150

  • 画像:撥水素材を使用したWrapup

    [WRAPUP 15/14/13/12/Pro] IPhone case in the Cassless era

    WRAPUP is a case where you can smartly store iPhone and cash, cards, keys, etc.

    It has impact resistance and uses water -repellent material, so it is possible to ensure your important things, such as the iPhone stored.

    The fabric is made of stretch material, so you don't need to worry if you want to store coins and things you want to store. It has a wallet function for "thinness", "large capacity", and "ease of use", so just bring this one when you go out.
    WrapUP is the one that makes such a minimal style possible.


    [Coldgirl] Cool back with perfect cooling power and comfort

    The world is currently facing the accelerated global warming issue.
    And we need a new preparation to experience the rise in temperature that we have never experienced before.

    THE150 will help you with the release of new bags with perfect cooling and comfort on such a warming problem.
    We asked one small girl to realize your comfortable lifestyle.

    That is this ColdGirl.



STAFF PICKS WrapUp for iPhone15/14/13/12/Pro

The latest version of Wrapup, which can be said to be synonymous with THE150

It is a wallet -integrated iPhone case with good thin wallets and large -capacity wallets.
With the progress of cashlessness, the wallet is smaller and the frequency of cash is decreasing.
Wrapup is a next -generation iPhone case equipped with a wallet function of "thinness", "large capacity" and "ease of use" on the iPhone.


The point that the card and coins can be organized because the storage space is separated in pockets. Since everyday payment is cashless, it can be used as a main wallet.

The previous model was NG because the wallet was attached when I wanted to use only the smartphone. The new model compatible with MAGSAFE is a detached case and can be used with a smartphone alone, and it is a very satisfying wallet!

I often go to the sea, so I think it's very good. Because it has a lot of capacity, it became very easy to carry with fins, snorkeling, and drinks in this bag. I really like the design. I thought it would be easy to carry when putting the string part a little more gentle material on the shoulder.

I liked that cooling and ordinary luggage are separated. You don't have to have two bags, so you'll be put together in one and your luggage will be reduced. It is very convenient because I often go to the sea.

When I go to the sea in the coming season, I bought it because it seems to be convenient because there is no other design that can put a cooler box and a normal luggage because I have a good one. It is a little heavy even if nothing is included.


Recently, I had no wallet and was looking for something integrated with a smartphone case. The texture is good, and coins and bills are put in and it is easy to use.


This storage capacity was not very good for men, so it was a glance. The design is also cool! At first I thought gray was good, but when I put it in my bag, the dark color tended to get lost, so I turned it red.