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NEW "Wrapup" is now available for the new iPhone 12 (12Pro / 12 / 12mini). Our crowdfunding campaign (GREEN FUNDING) has ended with 393% achievement. Thank you very much for your support.https://greenfunding.jp/lab/projects/4125

Wrapup for iPhone12Pro/12




Wrapup for iPhone12mini




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Wrapup collection development background

Cashless in the world is spreading rapidly with the NFC of smartphones.According to 2015 World Bank survey data, cashless is prevalent in approximately 50% or more within Western countries, and about 90% of South Korea, which is a cashless advanced nation, leads the way in Asian countries, and other countries are making rapid progress.the150 envisioned this completely cashless world and the background of the transition to cashless, and envisioned a solution to the cashless lifestyle required at this stage.That is Wrapup. All the features of Wrapup are a collection dedicated to this transitioning cashless lifestyle.

Problems that must be resolved

There were some issues Wrapup had to solve this time. First of all, what kind of world will the world become in a cashless world, and what are the factors required at the transition stage? It's easy to imagine with the shift to cashless, but the elements required for smartphones are undergoing a paradigm shift. The parts that have been required of smartphones up to now are mainly to execute telephones, networks, cameras, and various application functions. And the elements that the150 envisioned in the future cashless transition stage are to break away from the wallet and make the smartphone a simple wallet. We, the150, feel that we need a new case to make a simple wallet for a smartphone. As a simple option that can absorb the bare minimum element as a wallet, it is a case that can be integrated with a smartphone. The storage capacity of conventional wallets is not required, and the parts solved with a cashless application from the wallet is executed on the smartphone. The necessaries that have been required of smartphone cases up to now are protection for the case, fashion-ability, and a slight storage capacity.Moreover, what has been demanded for a wallet is a storage capacity and safety while accommodating fashionability. From the above, when taking into consideration of the elements that can be solved by the application now, it should not be "Wallet 1+smartphone 1=2", but it should be much smaller like “1.3”. It is the Wrapup that the150 has imagined to realize these two different elements in a cashless, minimal form.

Improved durability with high storage capacity
The long-awaited New Wrapup is finally released!

Wide range of usage

Wrapup makes your daily life more comfortable.

1.Small-sized wallet

iGoing out with your iPhone case and wallet is a thing happened in the past. Now cashless is getting norm, Wrapup will make up for those challenges. Also, if you bring a Wrapup with you, you will not lose your wallet.

2. Business card holder

It can store about 40 business cards!
Just put a few cards in and you won't say "I forgot my business card holder!"

3. Card holder

It can store more than 20 cards! You can take out Wrapup from your pocket and use the card quickly without taking out your wallet each time.

4. Accessory case

As it is a stretch material, you can put various small items in it! Wrapup will store small items that cannot be stored in a normal iPhone case.

5 features

Wrapup is more than just an iPhone case.

Feature 1: Stretch material

Two-layer structure of water-repellent easy care and 4-way stretch nylon made by SUNWELL.

Feature 2: MIL standard compliant case

Shock absorbing double case that complies with the US Department of Defense mil-spec. (Polycarbonate case and inner case is made of TPU material)

Feature 3: YKK AquaGuard

YKK water-stop zippers that allow access to pockets from the outside and inside. "AquaGuard"

Feature 4: Hook-and-loop zipper

The inside of the flap is a type with short hair in consideration of the thickness of the product. A material that is easier to hook is selected for the back of the case, Prevents magnetic damage and locks stored items safely.

Feature 5: 3 pockets and zipper.

The 3 pockets inside the case are equipped with a zipper pocket in the center to safely store important items.

New Color

The long-awaited new color are available now !! In addition to Black, the color variations of Gray and Coyote give it a military taste.

■ iPhone 12 Pro / 12
Product size: H151 X W76 X D19mm
Product weight: 70g
Material Fabric: Stretch (4WAY) Water repellent finish 
Case: Polycarbonate case, TPU double structure 
Color : [Black] [Gray] [Coyote]

Product size: H135 X W68X D19mm
Product weight: 65g
Material Fabric: Stretch (4WAY) Water repellent finish 
Case: Polycarbonate case, TPU double structure 
Color: [Black] [Gray] [Coyote]

October 27, 2020 (Tuesday): GREEN FUNDING started
December 1, 2020 (Tuesday): Reservation for Special Edition "Red" is available
Mid-December 2020: Product exhibition started at Futako Tamagawa TSUTAYA ELECTRICS+ (Futago-tamagawa store)
December 31, 2020 (Thursday): GREEN FUNDING ends
January 7, 2021 (Thursday): Sales start on our EC site
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Wrapup for iPhone12Pro/12

Wrapup for iPhone12mini