It is a wallet -integrated iPhone case with good thin wallets and large -capacity wallets.
With the progress of cashlessness, the wallet is smaller and the frequency of cash is decreasing.
Wrapup is a next -generation iPhone case equipped with a wallet function of "thinness", "large capacity" and "ease of use" on the iPhone.


5 times the storage capacity of a general notebook type case

It is a wallet -integrated iPhone case with good thin wallets and large -capacity wallets.

With the progress of cashlessness, the wallet is smaller and the frequency of cash is decreasing. WrapUp is on the iPhoneNext -generation iPhone case equipped with wallet function for "thinness", "large capacity", and "ease of use"is.

In recent small wallets, "thinness" is becoming commonplace. It is difficult to compatibility with "ease of use, enough capacity, and design". In particular, "ease of use" and "capacity" are contradictory to "thinness", and if you prioritize either, it is generally sacrificed.

Wrapup is a wallet -integrated iPhone case that can be said to be synonymous with THE150, which solves this difficult task and combines both "thinness" and "large capacity".

With both iPhone and wallet,
A comfortable lifestyle!

By using WRAPUP, the iPhone and the wallet are essential for breaking away, and as much as possible as a wallet function, "storage" and "ease of use". Almost everything you want is available.
Those who have recently been using cashless payments and have no need for wallets, those who want to go out with as much as possible luggage.Are you coming?
Such your youLifestyle changes more comfortably!

* 10 cards, 5 bills, 20 coins, 10 business cards, and keys.

Feature 1 Functional ① “Large capacity”

10 cards, 5 bills, 20 coins, 10 business cards, keys can be stored!

The maximum capacity is 10 cards, 5 bills, 20 coins, 10 business cards, and keys.
In a general notebook type smartphone case, only 3 to 4 card storage and receipts include paper, so you can see that WrapUp is large in comparison.

Feature 2 Functionality ② "Light"

Expandable and contracted according to the storage amount by stretching material!

When stored, it is 16 mm thick (thinnest).

Even at the actual use level, it is 23mm thick (5 cards, 5 bills, 10 coins), so it can be used as a main wallet along with electronic payment.

Furthermore, if you pursue thinner, the card will be about 20 mm thicker, if you do not put coin, one bill, one bill. In the first place, you can't experience it with a thick product,Slim and large capacity that changes thickness depending on the storage capacityThe wallet integrated is only WrapUp!

* In -house research
* The thinness varies slightly depending on the thickness of the card to be stored and the type of coin.

"It can be used slim by adopting a highly restored stretch material!"

Feature 3 Functional ③ "Easy to use"

You can easily extract coins because it expands and contracts!

Because of the stretch material, the opening is large and open.

Many wallet integrated types have coin storage space, but thick products can be stored, but there is no coin storage space and the product is thin.I want to put coins, but I don't want to have a thick case, so those who give up on a wallet integrated caseIsn't there a lot?

You don't have to give up anymore.

WrapUp opens the surface zipper and spreads while spreading with elastic material. The contents of the pocket can be seen well, and it is possible to put in and out of coins quickly. 

Since the material expands and contracts depending on the storage capacity, we have realized a slim and large capacity.

Easy -to -use pocket specifications

Put coins from the inside, and when taking out, expand and contract and easily and easily from the outside.

Of course, the opposite is OK, and the design is easy to handle.

It looks slim, but 3You can partition with a pocketSo
① Banknotes,
② Cards,
③ Coins, etc.
It can be stored separately so you can easily take out what you need.

What is stretch material?

Adopts SUNWELL's water -repellent Eji care 4WAY stretch nylon that extends and contracts not only left and right but also up and down.

Since it expands and contracts according to the storage capacity, both "thin" and "large capacity" are OK!

Feature 4 Functionality ④ "Case can be removed with magnet"

FLIP CASE and HARD CASE can be removed by magnetic force and are used in various scenes!

When going out, carry cards and bills as Flip Case, and indoors use more slim as Hard Case.

In addition, it can be charged simply by attaching the MAGSAFE compatible charger to the back of Hard Case.
It is easy to set on an in -vehicle holder and use it as a car navigation system, so it is ideal for various scenes, from offices to outdoors and everyday use.

Outstanding adhesion because it is a powerful neodymium magnet!

High -speed wireless charging with Magsafe charger!

If you put the magsafe charger on the back of the hard case, it will stick it with a magnet.
There will be no mistakes that the position did not match and could not be charged

Since it can be charged up to 15W, it is the fastest charger for Magsafe.

Feature 5 The latest iPhone 15,14,13,12/Pro support

The same FLIP CASE can handle multiple models!

Have you ever experienced that your favorite iPhone case does not support your model? It's a shame for users and us.
WrapUp has a lineup from the latest iPhone15/15Pro to 12/12PRO so that more users can be usedCompatible with multiple models with the same flip caseI decided to use it.
When changing the model, you can use FLIP CASE by purchasing only HARD CASE.

Special Parts Discerning parts

SENCE Usage scene

Put in your pocket and go out

The ticket gate is easy because the IC card is included

Even if you get a change, you can afford it

You can also set it on an in -vehicle holder and use it as a car navigation system

Magsafe charging when returning home

Achievements WrapUp achievements

WRAPUP12/12mini: Tsutaya Home Appliances + Grand Prize Top 10 Awards


An iPhone case that realizes a slim design while having a three -layer storage space. WrapUP prize is a lot of sympathy for making a minimum coin from cash to cashless, and that it is a slim and excellent design.It is a multifunctional but minimal. It seems to be a contrary, but it is a wonderful product.

Media Coverage publication


"Wallet integrated iPhone case" WRAPUP "changes to 32mm thickness in crowdfunding"

Strait Press

Pre -sale on the 3rd in the "slim and large capacity" iPhone case "WRAPUP"! "

& GP

"It is easy to take out money because it expands and contracts! The wallet integrated iPhone case is so convenient!"


How much capacity will be included?

As a guide, assume 10 cards, 5 bills, 10 coins, 10 business cards, and keys. Excessive storage can lead to damage.

Is it a completely waterproof function?

Water -repellent processing is applied, but it is not completely waterproof. Water may penetrate if it rains directly for a long time.

Water -repellent processing is applied, but it is not completely waterproof. Water may penetrate if it rains directly for a long time.

We use easy care materials, so if they get dirty, they will be neat when wiped with a soft cloth containing water. If you are worried about dirt on the suede, brush. Please be careful about combining with light clothing as it may cause discoloration.

Does the malfunction of a magnetic card occur?

For more than six months, the use of magnetic card storage by our staff, but no defective cards have occurred.

Does it support iPhone15Promax (6.7 inch) or iPhone12mini (5.4 inch)?

For 6.1 inch Magsafe compatible models.

Is there a product warranty?

If it turns out to be initial failure, we will send you a new product after sending it by cash on delivery. (Excludes failure caused by customer's intentional, negligence, etc.)

For inquiries, please contact

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WRAPUP for iPhone15Pro/15/14pro/14/13Pro/13/12Pro/12

WRAPUP for iPhone15Pro/15/14pro/14/13Pro/13/12Pro/12

Regular price ¥9,980Tax included.
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Compatible models iPhone15 Pro, 14 Pro, 13 Pro, 12 Pro/15,14,13,12
Note) It does not support 6.7 -inch and 5.4 inch iPhone.
Color | Black / Bundled product (FRIP case, HARD case)
Product size H150 X W80 X D16mm (thinnest part)
Product weight | 90g
Material | Exterior (table) Stretch material (back) suede/interior PVC
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