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Why We Developed Wrapup Why we first developed WrapUp

The Beginning of the Story The beginning of the WrapUp story

We first created WrapUp in 2020.

As cashlessness has progressed, electronic payments such as PayPay have begun to spread, and if you bring your cash as much as you have, you will not have to worry about daily life.

It has changed to a living smartphone case with one card and one 10,000 yen bill.

I remember that the luggage was reduced and the luggage was lighter by stopping the wallet that I had always brought and going out with one smartphone case.

Facing Problems Faced to the problem

However, after using it for a while, some problems have risen.

Although the spread of electronic payments is progressing, there are still many cash settlement stores, so change will occur during shopping. Banknotes are fine, but in the smartphone case you are using, there is no storage space for coins, it will spill even if you put it in, and it is distracted to put it in your pocket and make it jaw.

In addition, if you put paper such as receipts and receipts, it would swell, and there was a risk that it would drop when the flip was opened.

Research and Challenges Survey and issues

In search of products that solve this issue, I searched for all places, such as mail order and department stores, but I couldn't find the smartphone case I wanted.
The survey has revealed that commercial products are formed and issues.

An element that could be realized in the commercially available smartphone case

  • Thinness
  • One pocket separately from several cards
  • Screen protection

An element that I felt like I was doing and did not reach the purchase

  • Storage power (card 3, bill 1)
  • Fear of falling in storage (the card is exposed, the pocket has no lid)
  • Different colors and materials but almost the same design (not attractive)

Although some of them were highly stored, they were inferior to their portability in a thick case and were not attracted to their style.

Create What's Missing If you don't have it in the world, just make it!

I knew the comfort of not bringing my wallet, and I mentioned it on the theme of an in -house conference from the idea that if you don't have it in the world.
From that day, we discussed the ideal smartphone case thoroughly and repeated prototypes.

SOLVING CHALLENGES Solution of issues

If you want storage, the product will be thicker and not stylish, and a slim design will be inferior to the storage. In the prototype“To pursue storage but stylish, solve it with elastic material”I will reach that.

From here, a trip to search for elastic materials begins.

If it was too stretched, it would not be restored, and even if the balance of elasticity was good, the appearance and texture were different from the image, the appearance was perfect but the elasticity was weak, so I did not find anything like this.
I finally met a fabric to search around many stores, exhibitions, and online.

When the contents are small, it is slim, and when there are many contents, it is stored using elasticity.
It realized both design and functionality.

Prototype of the time that was made after trial and error

The completion of this is

"WRAPUP" for first model iPhoneXS/X.

The Evolution of iPhone Case Evolution of iPhone case

  • iPhoneXS/S model

    The iPhoneXS/S model has become a hot topic, such as being published in major media.

    "MDN": "I want to go out in cashless, but I'm worried that I don't have any cash ... it's a product I want to recommend to such people."

    "": "You can go out with this one! Revolutionary iPhone case that can store coins and keys"

  • iPhone12 model

    In addition, the first model upgraded is the previous work that supports the iPhone12. This is a model that won the Top 10 of Tsutaya Home Appliances + Grand Prize.

    In the evaluation received from everyone, it was ranked high as the design, storage, thinness, and fabric texture. On the other hand, there were some improvements. In this WRAPUP, based on these feedback, we made more easy -to -use improvements.

iPhone15,14,13,12/Pro model (this work)

WrapUpxs/X, 12 models were well received by cashless and minimalists,The following is the following to summarize the negative feed bag from the user questionnaireis.

・ Opening and closing with a surface zipper makes a crunchy sound and difficult to use in the office.
・ I am worried that the contents will spill out of the pocket when the lid is opened.
・ It is good that the storage is high, but it is better to be more compact to use at home.

Improve theseWrapUp in the pastWas born.

The main title is included. The subtitle is included.

Improvement point 1 To the surface zipper abolition, to zipper specifications

The OLD type (iPhone XS/X/12) was a specification that prevented the falling of the storage by closing the pocket opening with a surface father. The face zipper was boldly placed, and both design and functionality were well received, but from some users."It's cool but I'm worried about the sound when peeling off."There was a voice.

In terms of durability, there was also a problem that repeated opening and closing of the opening reduced the adhesion of the surface zipper.

Therefore, in the New type (this work), the pocketChange to a simple structure that closes the opening with a zipperDid. This improved two points: the "verberi sound" that the user was concerned about and the durability of the surface zipper.

Improvement point 2 Change of pocket specifications

If you point the opening of the pocket upside (OLD type), you need to support it with your finger as shown in the photo or with the other hand. However, users pointed out that if your hands slipped or hit something, the opening faces the opening and spilled. In order to solve this problem, the surface zipper is abolished as an improvement point (1) and the position of the opening is the opposite of the OLD type.Changed to a specification that is hard to spill the storage even if you hold it with one handDid.

IMPROVEMENT POINT 3 Separation of FRIP case and HARD case

When you carry it, you can use it as a wallet, and when you fall, you can protect the screen. However, there is a problem that the weight increases when the storage increases due to its elasticity. After returning home, some users always use coins in a piggy bank and always use them in a slim state,I don't want to use a wallet at home, so I want you to make it more compactSome say.

Meanwhile, MAGSAFE compatible iPhone was released, and a hard case with magnets compatible Magsafe has appeared in the market.

To make the most of the functions of the iPhone and to meet the user's demandsAdopt specifications that allow you to remove FRIP cases and HARD cases with a magnetDid.

As a result, the hard case can be used by itself, and it can be used as a navigation while charging with Magsafe during the car. Outdoors, it can be used properly simply by simply attaching a magnet to a flip case with a magnet, and the range of use has expanded significantly.

Compared to a general notebook type case, Wrapup is also excellent in "preventing stored items", "storage of coins", and "crime prevention".