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Is your smartphone case really "sturdy"?


    A smartphone that is indispensable in everyday life.

    There are many accessories such as designs and fall prevention rings, and customizations other than the body are also individual.


    It is such a smartphone case, but what parts do you actually focus on with many elements such as "design", "functionality", "protection functions and sturdy"?





    Choose a sturdy smartphone case


    The following is a questionnaire by Just System Co., Ltd., entitled "what is required in a smartphone case" (described in the source article "what is required for a smartphone cover") for 1051 men and women aged 17 to 69 years old.




    The most many people mentioned in the "protection function" (87.3%), "Design" (75.2)

    %),have become.


    You can read that many people value the "protection function".

    Certainly, design and appearance are important, but it is also important to easily scratch and break the screen when you drop it casually.


    So, what should I use as a standard whether it's a sturdy smartphone case? I will explain in detail for each point.


    Points of sturdy smartphone cases that are resistant to shocks

     A sturdy smartphone case that is strong in shock 

    There are various smartphone cases in the world along with complaints such as "shock -resistant!" "Rurable than anywhere!"


    How to distinguish a sturdy smartphone case "polycarbonate"


    There is a material called "polycarbonate (PC)".

    It is a kind of thermoplastic (easy to deform by heat and easy to process and recycle) developed by Bayer in Germany in 1953.


    The major feature of polycarbonate is the impact resistance.

    It is used as a bulletproof material, and it is said that it does not break even if you hit it with a hammer or the like (it is not guaranteed this due to the general test results). It is said to be doubled.


    In this way, it is applied to camera body and motorcycle helmets due to characteristics such as "easy to use", "beautiful texture", and "excellent physical properties", and is widely used as part of our lives.


    If you know the above and use polycarbonate as a smartphone case material, "sturdy" will be a great point that you can trust.


    But there are disadvantages.


    ・ Vulnerable to drugs such as alkaline agents


    ・ Vulnerable to environment such as high -temperature and high humidity, it is easy to discolor and deteriorate.


    ・ Easy to scratch


    And so on.

    It is a familiar disadvantage of polycarbonate that it is easy to get scratched in everyday use, but it may be acceptable considering that it will protect the smartphone itself.


    How to distinguish a sturdy smartphone case "TPU"

    TPU case 

    The "TPU" material is the same as a polycarbonate, a kind of thermoplastic plastic, and is soft and durable like a silicon, albeit plastic.


    In the past, silicon material was the mainstream of soft -type smartphone cases, but it was troublesome to handle it because it was easy to get caught in bags and pockets and high frictional force.


    It is harder than such a silicon, and now TPU materials are part of the main material of the soft case as upward compatible.


    The benefits are


    ・ Because it is excellent in flexibility, it is resistant to shock


    ・ Durable but lightweight and easy to hold


    ・ Inexpensive and high cost performance


    ・ Wide design


    And so on.

    Conversely, as a disadvantage,


    ・ There is a presence of the case and it becomes thicker


    ・ Weak to heat and easy to deform


    ・ Due to the nature, it is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, so it is easy to yellow.


    And so on.


    It is a convenient material because it has a lightness for durability.

    There are many cheap ones, so if you get yellow, you can buy a new one like a change, or use multiple cases to use it for a long time.


    How to distinguish a sturdy smartphone case "Notebook type"

    Notebook type smartphone case 

    As the name implies, the notebook -type smartphone case has a structure that covers the entire screen of the smartphone as in the notebook, reducing the risk of breaking the screen even if you inadvertently drop it.


    Also, although it is a little far from a sturdy perspective, it can store cards, so it is convenient to store magnetic cards such as Suica together and play the role of the stand when watching videos. It is a notebook type case.


    As a disadvantage,


    ・ On the other hand, the size is bulky on the other hand


    ・ It is difficult to operate with one hand


    ・ Easy to keep up


    ・ It is necessary to open and confirm every time when checking time and contact


    ・ The camera hole may not be supported



    And so on.


    While the notebook type smartphone case has excellent functions other than protecting the screen, the disadvantages are noticeable in the difficulty of handling. The point is how far you can close your eyes by giving priority to the functional aspects.


    How to distinguish a sturdy smartphone case "waterproof / water repellency"

     Waterproof smartphone case

    If you use a smartphone case that does not have excellent waterproof and water repellency, the case itself may be worse due to sudden rain. If waterproofing or water repellent is not formed, it may be flooded in the smartphone inside, which may lead to a failure.


    Recently, the number of models with very waterproofing smartphones has increased, but if you choose a type that also supports the case, it will be safe with a demon.


    Whether or not waterproof and water repellency are claiming is one of the criteria for choosing a sturdy smartphone case.




    Cheer on WrapUp materials

    Introducing our smartphone case WRAPUP.

    I am confident in the function as well as the function.


    Details are also introduced here.

    What is a sturdy smartphone case WRAPUP?


    Commitment to selecting materials


    In producing WRAPUP into a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered a lot of materials and actually touched it and went to see it.


    As a result, the two -layer structure was combined with the polycarbonate material and TPU material mentioned above, and a thorough design was realized in the ruggedness.


    In fact, the U.S. military standard shock test MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8 falls tests, so that they can demonstrate the performance of the products even in extreme areas. MIL specifications and MIL standards are cleared.


    In addition, the convenience of the possible storage is possible, and the polycarbonate part is applied to matte paint, so it is a smartphone case not only on functional as well as functional as well as a smartphone case.


    Corresponds to sudden rain


    We have adopted SUNWELL water -repellent Eji care 4WAY stretch nylon, which is increasingly supported to SDGs. It is supported by waterproof life and supports the role of a smartphone case used in everyday life.


    Not only the design but also the material is finished in a smart and environmentally friendly one.


    It also uses YKK's Aqua Guard, a water stopping zipper, which is also used for outdoor wear and rainwear.


    The appearance of the zipper laminated with films gives a different material in the front fabric, so it is a stylish part that is often used as a design point as well as the water stop function.


    Aiming for a sturdy smartphone case

    Wrapup is piping processing not only in the fabric of the entire case but also around the case.

    Piping is to wrap the edge of the cloth with a cloth on the tape, play a role as a design as a design and design.


    This technology is rarely used for smartphone cases, and it is a treatment method that is usually often used in bags. By processing in this way, it prevents the rubbing of the corners common in smartphone cases and the fact that it is easily scratched when dropped.


    Wrapup, which has both a wide range of functionality and sturdy protection, is not only easy to use.

    Thanks to you, it was successfully finished after leaving 393%of the crowdfunding. Thank you very much for your support.



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