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Polycarbonate smartphone cases are broken! ?

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    Polycarbonate smartphone cases are broken! ?


    Because I chose a sturdy and reliable smartphone case, I think, "I want you to protect the body no matter what ..." However, there is no guarantee that no matter how sturdy the case you choose, it will never break.


    This time, I would like to talk about the most sturdy "polycarbonate" among the many materials. It is a must -see content for those who are looking for a sturdy smartphone case and are really sturdy.


    What is polycarbonate?


    One of the materials used in smartphone cases is a material called "polycarbonate (PC)".


    Polycarbonate is a type of plastic, a thermoplastic (easy to deform by heat and easy to process and recycle) developed by Bayer in Germany in 1953.


    Generally, plastic is light but quickly cracked or heated, and it looks cheap and has a cheap impression, but polycarbonate does not break even if you hit it with a hammer or the like, and is very resistant to heat. That's it.


    It has the characteristics that does not seem to be plastic.


    Benefits of polycarbonate


    The benefits of polycarbonate are durable and strong anyway.


    • Shock resistance: The strength of the polycarbonate is a class used for bulletproof material, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most impact resistance among plastic materials.


    • Heat resistance: Excellent heat resistance and can withstand use in a wide range of temperature environments. Speaking of familiar things, it has the optimal heat resistance as a food container such as a refrigerator or microwave oven.


    • Transparency: It has almost the same transparency as glass and has a transparency of about 85 % to 90 %.


    Weather resistance: Excellent flame retardancy, and is often used in architectural and electrical and electronic fields. You can withstand outdoor use.


    • Dimension accuracy: The molding contraction rate of the plastic is small, so it has high processing. It supports almost all molding methods and has excellent dimensional stability. It can also be used for precision molding.
    • Lightweight: Polycarbonate has the characteristic of relatively light among plastic materials, and is very excellent as a light and durable plastic material.


    Disadvantages of polycarbonate


    It is a polycarbonate that has no drawback anymore, but it is important to understand that such excellent materials also have drawbacks.


    The disadvantage of polycarbonate is weak in bending due to its hardness, and in a smartphone case, it may be missing or cracked when removing the case from a smartphone.


    The part where the camera and the power button are concentrated is particularly broken, so be careful when removing it. If you twist and try to remove the body from the case, the polycarbonate will hurt and it will be cloudy, so carefully remove the beauty of the design.


    In addition, please note that polycarbonate is vulnerable to chemicals, so if you wipe it with an organic solvent such as alcohol or thinner, the material itself may deteriorate. I think that many people use it to return to a clean state when wiped off with disinfecting alcohol when the iPhone case or smartphone case is dirty, but I do not quit using chemicals to maintain sufficient impact resistance. Let's keep it.


    There is also a precaution that polycarbonate as a smartphone case is slippery in the texture of the material.


    Will it break in a smartphone case made of polycarbonate material?


    Of course, it's not a bit of a little impact. However, it is important to note that it is hard to crack, and if you fall from a high place or forcibly put on it, it may break.


    As a matter of course, please use it with the limit.


    WRAPUP is more sturdy with a two -layer structure of polycarbonate and TPU material.

    In addition to polycarbonate, there is also a material called "TPU", which is often used in smartphone cases. The "TPU" material is the same as a polycarbonate, a kind of thermoplastic plastic, and is soft and durable like a silicon, albeit plastic. It is a convenient material because it has a lightness for durability.


    Our iPhone case "WRAPUP" has a two -layer structure in the case part, a polycarbonate on the outside, and a TPU material on the inside. Because it has a two -layer structure that makes use of the goodness of each material, a more sturdy smartphone case is realized.


    In addition, a falling test was conducted in a standard that complies with the US military standard MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8, so that the performance of the product can be demonstrated even in an extreme environment. We have cleared the standard (MIL specifications / MIL standard).


    MIL standards related to smartphones and small electronic devices include MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-188 (telecommunications), and MIL-STD-202 (electronic components), which are standards for environmental resistance tests. Among them, the Mil-STD-810 shows the standards and test methods for measuring durability in humidity, moisture and salt in low-temperature environments.



    WrapUp's commitment


    Wrapup may seem a little expensive for a smartphone case. From now on, I will explain in detail about WrapUp and reasons for the high price.


    Discerning 1. High processing power that requires high technology


    One of the reasons for this price range is the difficulty of processing in the sewing part. This is a very difficult point where the outer peripheral part of the case is very difficult. Sewing the curves and the like is very technical, and it is said that special technical training is required to enable this sewing.


    And some of the WrapUP production plants can be sewn, and no one can do it. In addition, the fabric with stretch and elasticity is one of the factors that makes it difficult to process.


    Discerning 2. Using high quality materials in Japan


    The second is in the material used in the case. The production factory is in China, but many of the materials are made from domestic products that are procured from Japan. Above all, YKK's water stop zipper can be procured in China, but it uses better materials in Japan to slightly different from those made in Japan.


    The appearance of the zipper laminated with films gives a different material in the front fabric, so it is a stylish part that is often used as a design point as well as the water stop function.


    Because there is such an elaborate work and a commitment to selecting high quality materials, it is a slightly higher price.



    Aiming for a sturdy smartphone case that is easy to use


    Wrapup is piping processing not only in the fabric of the entire case but also around the case.

    Piping is to wrap the edge of the cloth with a cloth on the tape, play a role as a design as a design and design.


    This technology is rarely used for smartphone cases, and it is a treatment method that is usually often used in bags. By processing in this way, it prevents the rubbing of the corners common in smartphone cases and the fact that it is easily scratched when dropped.


    Wrapup, which has both a wide range of functionality and sturdy protection, is not only easy to use.

    Thanks to you, it was successfully finished after leaving 393%of the crowdfunding. Thank you very much for your support.



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