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What is MIL standard? Points to choose a sturdy smartphone case

    What kind of smartphone case do you use?

    Looking at online shopping and consumer electronics retailers, various types of smartphones have been released, from foldable notebook types and cute types with characters.

    The criteria to choose are different for each person, but if you use it with great effort, it is good to have a sturdy case that protects your precious smartphone. But what is the rugged and sturdy? This time, I would like to focus on one of the standards for "sturdy", "MIL standard".


    What is MIL standard?

    MIL standard 

    The United States has specifications and standards for the procurement standards for materials and items used in the UNITED STATES MILITARD Standard, which are defined by the Pentagon. One of them is Mil-Spec (MIL-SPEC/MIL standard). The official name is Military Specification.


    Simply put, it is a proof that we have cleared certain standards, such as durability, water resistance, fire resistance and dustproof, based on the various standards used by the U.S. military.

    The one that clears the standard (standard) in the "durability" described in the MIL standard "MIL-STD-810G" can be called "MIL Standards compliance" in the smartphone case industry, and is sold as a product. There is.

     MIL standard


    MIL standards related to smartphones and small electronic devices include MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-188 (telecommunications), and MIL-STD-202 (electronic components), which are standards for environmental resistance tests.

    Among them, the Mil-STD-810 shows the standards and test methods for measuring durability in humidity, moisture and salt in low-temperature environments.

     MIL standard

    Our WrapUP is also sold as a MIL-STD-810G compliant product, clearing and testing a drop test in a standard that complies with the shock test Mil-STD-810H METHOD 516.8.

    We are pursuing toughness, assuming various scenes such as outdoors.


    What kind of product is "MIL Standard"?


    MIL standardWhat kind of standards are actually adopted?

    Here are some things from what nods "I see" to surprising things like "to such a thing?"


    Smartphone case

    MIL standard

    When it comes to MIL standard smartphones, the hurdles feel a little higher, but if you use a case or cover, you can easily create a durable smartphone. Now you don't have to worry about breaking the screen.



    MIL standard

    Watches are high demand items among soldiers.

    In fact, Casio's "G-SHOCK" is a MIL standard type and is one of the endorsed items from US military soldiers.



     MIL standard

    Although it is a surprising item, towels also sell MIL standard types.

    The Navy, which travels for a long time, cannot be washed frequently. Things that do not smell even after used several times, and towels with deodorant functions are sold through MIL standards.


    Pet Supplies

    MIL standard 

    In recent years, the number of military dogs participating in units has been increasing, and MIL standards are also spreading in the pet supplies industry.

    A bulletproof vest called a plate carrier is manufactured.


    Benefits of choosing MIL standards

    MIL standard 

    So far, we have talked about MIL standards.

    Many people may think, "Do you actually need a sturdy smartphone case?" Here we will talk about the merits of MIL standard.


    Merit 1 -Strong to outdoor


    It boasts a military -scale durability, so it is very strong for the outdoors, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a necessity among outdoor lovers. Recently, it is often used in camping equipment, etc., and is a type of trend.


    In addition, since the standards are assumed to be a polar land, there is no unnecessary decoration in equipment. Products that comply with MIL standards can feel design that pursues functional beauty.


    In everyday life, some products may be a bit overs -spec, but they are too easy to use in the outdoors, so they will be a reassuring ally.


    Merit 2 -Safe even with

    MIL standard 

    I told you that it was over specs in everyday life, but in everyday life, things around you are sturdy and there is no problem.


    No matter how care you are, you may inadvertently drop your smartphone, such as when you are taking a walk casually or a busy commuting rush. There is no need to worry about breaking the screen even in such a case. Don't worry about being playful and careless ...

    However, you need to be careful not to overestimate the MIL standard and treat it intentionally and violently.


    Benefits 3 -Appearance is stylish


    Considering the durability of the MIL standard, I think that "it looks tight" or "it looks too sturdy and seems to be big", but I don't have to worry about it.


    Due to the nature of the original size, the "G-SHOCK" of the watch is somewhat rugged, but as I mentioned earlier, there are many designs that omit waste, so contrary to the image. There are many smart and stylish designs, and they are not bulky.

    It is not so far, with no waste, still unusual durability, and MIL standard -based products become the center of fashion.


    THE150's smartphone case complies with MIL standards

    MIL standard 

    Our Wrapup pursues toughness every day to respond to various scenes.

    In order to achieve the ultimate toughness, the two -layer structure is combined with a polycarbonate case and an inner case of TPU material. It is designed to the minimum size while maintaining the sturdyness and functions as a smartphone case, but also maintains the slimness of the appearance.


    In addition, the polycarbonate case was applied to the overall harmony. By doing so, the design will be more stylish and sophisticated.


    Wrapup multifunctional not just MIL standard

    MIL standard

    WRAPUP is also particular about waterproof and material.

     We have adopted SUNWELL water -repellent Eji care 4WAY stretch nylon, which is increasingly supported to SDGs. It is supported by waterproof life and supports the role of a smartphone case used in everyday life.

     Not only the design but also the material is finished in a smart and environmentally friendly one.


    It also uses YKK's Aqua Guard, a water stopping zipper, which is also used for outdoor wear and rainwear.

    The appearance of the zipper laminated with films gives a different material in the front fabric, so it is a stylish part that is often used as a design point as well as the water stop function.


    If you are interested, please take a look

    MIL standard

    Part of the MIL spec test data of WRAPUP.

     Wrapup, which has both a wide range of functionality and sturdy protection, has been completed successfully after leaving 393%of the past crowdfunding (Green Funding).

     Thank you very much for your support.


    If you are interested in it, please take a look at the product.


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