NEW "Wrapup" for the hot new iPhone 12 (12Pro / 12/12 mini) will be announced
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Polished overwhelming storage capacity and toughness
The long-awaited New Wrapup is born!

Infinite usage

Wrapup makes your daily life comfortable.

1. Mini wallet

iGoing out with your iPhone case and wallet is a thing of the past. Now that cashless society is advancing, Wrapup will make up for those challenges. Also, if you bring one Wrapup with you when you go out, you don't have to worry about lost items in your wallet.

2. Business card holder

You can store about 40 business cards!
Just put a few cards in and you won't have to worry about "I forgot my business card holder!"

3. Card holder

You can store 20 or more cards! You can take out Wrapup from your pocket and use the card quickly without having to take out your wallet one by one.

4. Accessory case

By expanding and contracting, it is possible to put various small items! With Wrapup, you can store small items that cannot be stored in a normal iPhone case.

5 features

Wrapup is more than just an iPhone case.

Feature 1: Stretch material

SUNWELL Water Repellent Easy Care 4Way Stretch Nylon 2 Layer Structure

Feature 2: MIL standard compliant case

Double shock absorption case (polycarbonate case and TPU inner case) compliant with U.S. Department of Defense mill specifications)

3: YKK AquaGuard

YKK's Aquaguard zipper that allows access to pockets from the outside and inside」

Features 4: surface zipper

The inside of the flap is a type with short hair in consideration of the thickness of the product, and a material that is easier to hook is selected on the back of the case to prevent magnetic damage and lock the stored items safely.

Feature 5: 3 pockets + zipper

3 pockets inside the case are equipped with a zipper pocket in the Center for safe storage of important items

New Color

The long-awaited new color is here! !! In addition to Black, the color variations of Gray and Coyote give it a military taste.

■iPhone12Pro / 12
Product size:H151 X W76 X D19mm
ProductWeight  : 70g
Material FabricStretch (4WAY) water repellent finish 
Case :Polycarbonate case・TPU double structure 
Color [Black] [Gray ] [Coyote]  

Product size: H135 X W68X D19mm
Product weight  : 65g
Material FabricStretch (4WAY) water repellent finish 
CasePolycarbonate case / TPU double structure 
Color: [Black] [Gray] [Coyote]

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