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[For iPhone] What is a smartphone case recommended for cashless life?


    Recently, cashless life such as transportation ICs, electronic money and card payments has become the mainstream world.


    Along with that, the number of opinions that "I do not want to have cash as much as possible" and "I may not need a wallet" has increased, and the style of completing payments with smartphones (including smartphone cases) is popular.


    However, there are various types of smartphone cases, so it is important to choose one suitable for you.


    What type of smartphone case do you recommend? Find a form that can live without stress


    "Type of smartphone and wallet", "Smartphone and card are the same, cash is different", "I want to separate your wallet and smartphone", "I want to put together the keys of the house together". Even if you say cashless, it is important to think first about what kind of style you can live without inconvenience.


    It's just an example,


    • In the case of "smartphone and wallet integral type" ▷ Type with pockets on your smartphone (such as notebook type)
    • In the case of "smartphone and card together with cards, cash is different" ▷ Type with card case (notebook type)
    • In the case of "I want to make my wallet and smartphone separately" ▷ You may not need a special commitment


    First, find the most convenient style for you.


    A notebook type that can handle all -rounds from screen protection to storage


    "Notebook type smartphone case" which is popular in smartphone cases


    A very useful type because it can be included in a compact mirror, it can be stored with an IC card such as a commuter pass, or a frequently used point card to use when you want to use it immediately. is.


    Mainly the advantage of a notebook type smartphone case, as mentioned above, it will be a function that can store cards in the lid.


    Besides that,


    • It can be used as a smartphone stand by folding the cover.
    • If you have a hand mirror inside, you can check the grooming not only for women but also for men.
    • Since both front and back of the smartphone body are covered, the exposure area of ​​the smartphone is low and the protection performance is high.
    • Many straps are attached, which leads to falling.


    And so on.


    However, as a disadvantage,


    • It is difficult to take a photo.
    • The weight and volume increase.
    • A notebook -type smartphone case with little exposure of the main unit can easily store heat, the enemy of the smartphone.
    • If you do not open the lid, you will not be able to see the incoming call or app notification, so you may not notice the notification.


    And so on.

     When choosing a notebook -type smartphone case, understand these disadvantages in advance. 

    There are many types of opening and closing styles and materials used, so it is interesting to focus on such points.


    "WRAPUP" born to realize a cashless life


    From here on, let me talk a little about our smartphone case, "Wrapup".


    The card storage area is on the surface


    Normally, I think that there are many smartphone case card storage areas on the back, but WrapUp can store cards on the surface.


    There are many opinions that "if there is a card storage area on the back, it may cause unnecessary interference in the event of electronic payments, etc., and it feels inconvenient."


    I don't have a magnet even though it doesn't have a magnet


    In a notebook type smartphone case, there are concerns that the magnet magnet is affected by the cards that are stored, and many people seem to be concerned.

     Therefore, there is also a notebook -type smartphone case without magnet. It is recommended because you can use a notebook -type smartphone case without worrying about magnetic anxiety while maintaining functionality.


    However, there are some opinions that this time, because there is no magnet, the opening and closing parts are easy and stressful.

     What a magnet of our company has no magnet. As a fixed method other than magnet, there were candidates such as buttons, but we adopted "surface zipper". This is because if you use a fastener, the thickness will inevitably come out.


    In addition, since it is made of outdoors, it can be wrapped around a backpack or bag belt as shown in the image.

     By adopting a surface zipper, not only the magnetic problem mentioned earlier, but also the scenes that can be used and the range of styles have been expanded.


    Actual comfort of WRAPUP

     From now on, I will introduce the impressions of our staff actually used.


    Originally, he had a wallet and a smartphone case separately, but he had many cash and cards in his wallet, and his wallet was always in a state of bun. He started using it because he wanted to reduce his luggage.


    The point I was glad I started using is

    • I was able to organize what was needed and unnecessary
    • Actually, I realized that I could live without problems even if I didn't carry it so much

     It seems to be.

     While using electronic money, he used a card type PASMO, but he was satisfied because he could use it without worrying because the card case is on the surface.


    If you look at your lifestyle and fixed belongings from a different perspective, you can spend more wasteful and relax.



    WrapUp's commitment


    Wrapup may seem a little expensive for a smartphone case. From now on, I will explain in detail about WrapUp and reasons for the high price.


    Commitment 1. High processing power that requires technology

     One of the reasons for this price range is the difficulty of processing in the sewing part. This is a very difficult point where the outer peripheral part of the case is very difficult. Sewing the curves and the like is very technical, and it is said that technical training for this sewing is required to enable this sewing.


    And some of the WrapUP production plants can be sewn, and no one can do it. In addition, the fabric with stretch and elasticity is one of the factors that makes it difficult to process.


    Discerning 2. Using high quality materials in Japan


    The second is in the material used in the case. The production factory is in China, but many of the materials are made from domestic products that are procured from Japan. Above all, YKK's water stop zipper can be procured in China, but it uses better materials in Japan to slightly different from those made in Japan.


    The appearance of the zipper laminated with films gives a different material in the front fabric, so it is a stylish part that is often used as a design point as well as the water stop function.


    Because there is such an elaborate work and a commitment to selecting high quality materials, it is a slightly higher price.



    Aiming for a sturdy smartphone case that is easy to use


    Wrapup is piping processing not only in the fabric of the entire case but also around the case.

    Piping is to wrap the edge of the cloth with a cloth on the tape, play a role as a design as a design and design.


    This technology is rarely used for smartphone cases, and it is a treatment method that is usually often used in bags. By processing in this way, it prevents the square rubbing of the square in the smartphone case and being easily scratched when dropped.


    In addition, when producing WRAPUP as a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered many materials and actually touched them and went to see them.

     As a result, it has a two -layer structure that combines a polycarbonate material and a versatile and durable material of a polycarbonate material, and has achieved a perfect design in the sturdyness.


    In addition, a falling test was conducted in a standard that complies with the US military standard's shock test Mil-STD-810H METHOD 516.8, so that the performance of the product can be demonstrated in an extreme environment. We have cleared the standard (MIL specifications / MIL standard).


    Wrapup, which has both a wide range of functionality and sturdy protection, has been successfully completed after leaving 393%of the crowdfunding (Green Funding). Thank you very much for your support.


    Click here for the Green Funding page




    "Those who use iPhone12 mini"


    "Those who use iPhone12 Pro/12"



    Top10 of the 2nd "Tsutaya Home Appliances + Grand Prize"Wrapup won the prize.

    Please see here if you like.


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