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[Minimalist must -see] About wallet and smartphone case integrated charm

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[NEWS]  Latest iPhone15 compatible "WRAPUP" informationPlease see here if you like.


Good news for those who want to reduce luggage and want to put together as much as possible.


This time, I will talk about the wallet -type smartphone case based on features and disadvantages.

What are the necessary conditions for wallets and smartphone cases?


What are the conditions when using a wallet and smartphone case as an integrated type?


There is storage capacity


Even if you are a minimalist, if your smartphone case plays a role in your wallet, I want some storage capacity.


  • bill
  • card


It is a must -have item to be able to put these. Other,


  • coin
  • Key
  • business card


It would be even better if you enter.


Although it is said to be in the cashless era, in many cases, depending on the store, you can only use cash, or you may not be able to use your own card.


In case of emergency, I want the capacity that can store cash.


Is it sturdy?


Of course, the case must be sturdy as long as you put important things such as cards and bills. It would be NG if it could be broken just by dropping a little or a hole was immediately empty.



Design is also required


The user who uses it depends on where to put weight, but I do not want to use it unless it has a stylish and stylish design.


The materials used in the case and the design of the case will also be important points.


Advantages of wallet and smartphone case integrated type


What are the benefits of integrating wallets and smartphone cases?


Merit 1. Lower luggage


Needless to say, if the smartphone case has some storage capacity, the luggage will be reduced. Even if you lose your wallet you have carried around, your belongings will be lighter.


In addition, you can reconsider your waste with the awareness of "reducing your luggage", so you can expect it to lead to your own diet.


Please see the impressions that you actually used.


Merit 2. The screen is protected


It is limited to a notebook type smartphone case, but it is protected by the screen. The lower the exposure area of ​​the smartphone, the higher the protection performance of the smartphone.


Advantages 3. Lower time to search for cards when paying


If you use a wallet integrated smartphone, you will only carry it with a frequent use to some extent. You will reduce the need to find the necessary cards when you pay or when you need a card, such as ATM.


Precautions when using integrated type


From now on, I will talk about the precautions when using a wallet integrated smartphone case.


Notes 1. It is necessary to organize the contents of the wallet


Some people may not be able to enter the necessities in their wallets. Before buying the case, first look at the contents of your wallet and make sure you have trouble carrying it.


Note 2. In the case of a notebook type, be careful of magnetic defect


A common smartphone case is a type that stops the cover with a magnet.


If you put a credit card or a cash card in the case, the magnet of the magnet may interfere. As I have in common with the precautions, it is necessary to check what kind of thing to carry and carry around when purchasing a wallet integrated type.


▼ Please check this column

Recommended notebook type smartphone case recommended for those who are worried about magnetic defects


Precautions 3. If you forget your smartphone ...


For those who have few belongings, it is attractive that it can be completed with a single smartphone. However, if you forget your smartphone when you go out, it will be difficult.


If you put a key etc. together, you will be able to prevent this.


The charm of "WRAPUP"


Attraction 1. Waterproof


If you use a smartphone case that does not have excellent waterproof and water repellency, the case itself may be worse due to sudden rain. If waterproofing or water repellent is not formed, it may be flooded in the smartphone inside, which may lead to a failure.


Recently, the number of models with very waterproofing smartphones has increased, but if you choose a type that also supports the case, it will be safe with a demon with a gold stick.


In the iPhone series, most recent models are mostly waterproof (waterproof specifications). The catchphrase is that "even if you leave it for 30 minutes at 4m depth, there is no flood inside the iPhone."


However, Apple at the same time has announced that excessive expectations are strictly prohibited because "it is not forever maintained and the tolerance may be reduced by normal use." It means that waterproof and water resistance will decrease due to aging.


Even outdoors, if you have many opportunities to use around water, such as rivers and sea, you may want to choose a case that will prevent water entry firmly.


Attraction 2. Shock resistance


The new iPhone is made of glass on the back side. According to Apple, "it was designed in consideration of the durability of the most sturdy glass with smartphones." However, "no case" is also a heart, so I will talk about some recommended materials.


If there are many opportunities to use it on a campsite or rocky riverside, I would like to wear a shock -resistant case. One of the guidelines is to choose a case where you have cleared the US military standard test called the MIL specifications.


There is another material called "polycarbonate (PC)". It is a kind of thermoplastic (easy to deform by heat and easy to process and recycle) developed by Bayer in Germany in 1953.


The major feature of polycarbonate is the impact resistance. It is used as a bulletproof material, and it is said that it does not break even if you hit it with a hammer or the like (it is not guaranteed this due to the general test results). It is said to be doubled.


Attractive 3. Sticky materials


In producing WRAPUP into a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered a lot of materials and actually touched it and went to see it.


As a result, the two -layer structure was combined with a polycarbonate material and a TPU material, and a thorough design was realized.


In fact, the U.S. military standard shock test MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8 falls tests, so that they can demonstrate the performance of the products even in extreme areas. MIL specifications and MIL standards are cleared.


MIL standards related to smartphones and small electronic devices include MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-188 (telecommunications), and MIL-STD-202 (electronic components), which are standards for environmental resistance tests. Among them, the Mil-STD-810 shows the standards and test methods for measuring durability in humidity, moisture and salt in low-temperature environments.






When choosing an integrated wallet and smartphone case, choose a type that suits your lifestyle.


I sincerely hope that your life will be comfortable with WRAPUP.


"Those who use iPhone12 mini"


"Those who use iPhone12 Pro/12"



Top10 of the 2nd "Tsutaya Home Appliances + Grand Prize"Wrapup won the prize.

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