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Latest iPhone15 compatible "WRAPUP" information

    Hello, this is the150 secretariat.

    I received a lot of inquiries today,iPhone caseNew version of "WRAPUP"This is the news.

    The specifications are simpler, easier to use, and corresponding to cashless. In this Ver.3, the "thinness" and "storage", which take advantage of the elastic stretch material, are used as the case separation type by magnet, and the range of utilization has been expanded.

    Compatible models are compatible with iPhone15Pro/14pro/13PRO/12PRO/15/14/13/12.So please look forward to it!

    It has been exhibited on Tuesday, December 26, on the crowdfunding site (GREEN FUNDING). Thanks to you, we have exceeded 100 supporters!
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    YouTube"Gadget introduction TAKA Channel"At
    Please do not miss this because we have introduced it!


    [NEW WRAPUP main features]

    Functional ① “Large capacity”
    The maximum capacity is 10 cards, 5 bills, 20 coins, 10 business cards, key。 In a general notebook type smartphone case, there is only space for 3 to 4 card storage and receipts, and you can see that WRAPUP is large in comparison.

    Functionality ② "Light" 

    When stored, it is 16 mm thick (thinnest). Even at the actual use level, it is 23 mm thick (5 cards, 5 bills, 10 coins), so it can be used as a main wallet along with electronic payment. In the first place, the only slim and large -capacity wallet integrated type that changes the thickness depending on the storage capacity is Wrapup!


    Functional ③ "Easy to use"

    Opening the surface of the surface and expanding the opening, spreading with elastic material. The contents of the pocket can be seen well, and it is possible to put in and out of coins quickly. It looks slim, but it can be partitioned with three pockets, so it can be stored separately, such as (1) banknotes, (2) cards, and (3) coins, so you can easily take out what you need.

    Functionality ④ "Case can be removed with magnet" MAGSAFE compatible case!

    FLIP CASE and Hard Case can be used in various scenes because they can be removed by magnetic force and can be used properly. When you go out, you can carry cards and banknotes as FLIP CASE, use it as HARD CASE indoors, and also charge the Magsafe compatible charger on the back of HARD CASE. It is easy to set on an in -vehicle holder and use it as a car navigation system, so it is ideal for various scenes, from offices to outdoors and everyday use.

    ⑤ Latest iPhone15,14,13,12/Pro support
    WrapUp has a lineup from iPhone12/12Pro to 15/15Pro, and has a specification that supports multiple models with the same flip case so that more users can use it. This is an unprecedented iPhone case that can be used for Hard Case if you purchase a new HARD CASE.