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"COLDGIRL" 1st anniversary INSTAGRAM Present Campaign!

    Hello, this is the150 secretariat.

    This time, the second product of The150 Co., Ltd. The groundbreaking bag "Coldgirl", which can carry cool and carry luggage with this one, celebrated its first anniversary.

    From Friday, September 1 with gratitude to our customers, we will hold an Instagram present campaign as the second special project!

    ■ Present content
    2in1 type that also has a baggage in addition to the cooling performance of 24 hours
    Cold insulation tote bag "Coldgirl"
    * You can choose your favorite color.

    ■ Number of winners
    1 person

    ■ Application period
    [From September 1, 2023 (Fri) to September 17 (Sun) 23:59]

    ■ How to apply
    ① Follow this account (@The150_official)
    (2) Application is completed with "Like" for this campaign posting!
    * The winning rate is increased by comments on this post!

    ■ Winning announcement
    After the gift application period, we will contact you on Instagram DM.

    ■ Notes
    * Applications are limited to once per person.
    * If you check the application using multiple accounts from the same applicant, only one account will be regarded as valid, and other applications will be invalidated. Lingering
    * If you cannot confirm that the account follow -up status is maintained during the lottery, it may be out of the lottery. It is recommended that you continue to follow up for about a month. Lingering
    * This campaign may be canceled or changed without notice. Lingering
    * Confirmation of application reception, method of lottery, winning, and inquiries regarding questions or inquiries are not accepted. ⁣
    * By participating in this campaign, it is deemed to have agreed to this recruitment guidelines. (Minors are deemed to have agreed by the parental authority) ⁣
    * We cannot apply for our employees, their families, and officials. Lingering
    * Applications from a corporate account are not eligible for lottery. Lingering
    * For those who live outside Japan, it cannot be delivered even if you win. This is a campaign exclusively for followers living in Japan. Lingering
    * No re -lottery will be performed. Lingering
    * If the account is set as a private setting, it will not be eligible for lottery. Lingering
    * If it applies to the following, the winning qualification will be invalid. Lingering
    When we judge that there was an illegal act when applying ⁣
    If the DM becomes unwilling because the communication environment is not good ⁣
    If the procedure cannot be performed by the DM of the winning notification by the reply deadline ⁣
    If the registration content is incomplete ⁣
    If you cannot deliver the prize due to unknown address/relocation destination or long -term absence ⁣
    Please note that the prize is returned, exchanged, and the delivery company will not be redelivery after being returned to us. Lingering
    * We cannot take any responsibility for damages due to prizes after the prize. Please note. Lingering
    * Resale of prizes is prohibited. Lingering
    * Prizes are scheduled for shipments from late September 2023 to early October. Lingering
    * Due to unavoidable circumstances, the shipping time of prizes is subject to change. Lingering
    * The costs that arise in the participation of the Internet connection, communication charges, and procedures according to the winning notification DM will be borne by the person. Lingering

    ■ About personal information
    * Personal information sent will be used for sending prizes. Personal information is not provided to third parties except for business consignments.


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