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"COLDGIRL" 1st anniversary Facebook present campaign!

    Hello,The150It is the secretariat. 

    This time, corporationThe150(One Five O) The second product,24Time cool! A groundbreaking bag that allows you to keep cooling and carry your luggage with this oneColdgirl (Cold girl)Is released1We will celebrate anniversary. 

    July 14th with gratitude to our customers(Money)We will hold a gift campaign as a special project!


    "COLDGIRL" 1st anniversary Facebook present campaign! 

    Application rules 

    Co., Ltd.The150(Hereinafter referred to as "the Company") Planning and implementing "" "" "" "" ""Coldgirl]1AnniversaryFacebookPresent campaign! Please read the rules of the application carefully before applying for (hereinafter referred to as "this campaign"). At the time of applying for this campaign, the applicant shall be deemed to have agreed to the Application Terms. 


    【Application period】

    20237Month14Sun (Friday) ~7Month31Sunday (Monday)23:59 


    [Present content]

     「Coldgirl"One of your favorite colors from among1Present by lottery to name


    【Application method】

    Step1: The150Official account @the150cpFollow

    Step2:To the relevant post of the campaign,ColdgirlComplete the application by commenting on the color you want

    * Color name: ① Surf blue ② Surf pink ③ mat khaki ④ matte black

    In addition to smartphones, tablets andPCYou can also apply from. Please note that you may not be able to apply depending on the model, browser, etc. 


    【Qualification requirements】

    FacebookThose who have an account.

    ・ Lives in Japan, and gifts are in Japan.

    ・ Those who can agree to all conditions of the application rules.

    ・ In the case of minors, those who have the consent of the parental authority.

    ・ Our employees, those who are not related to their family or this campaign.

    [Lottery / winning announcement]

    8Month14Sunday (Monday)


    We will decide the winner after a strict lottery.

    Official only for winnersFacebookWe will contact you in the comment section of the campaign post. Winners will always be official for contacting the prize destination.FacebookPlease contact the page by message.

    * Please do not post personal information in the comment section of the post.

    * Please note that the winning right will be invalid after the period only by reply to the comment section.


    The reception period of the winner's message is8Month14Sunday (Monday) ~8Month20It is Sunday (Sun).

    As soon as the winner will receive a message, from the campaign secretariatFacebookWe will contact you through the message.

    We will inform you of the names of the winners and the address of the prize.


    [Prize shipping]

    ・ Shipping8We are planning after mid -month.



    ・ Application is per person1It will be limited to times.2Applications after the time will be invalid.

    ・ Please note that this campaign may be changed, discontinued, and terminated without notice, including the contents of the gift. In addition, please note that these applications may be changed without notice. We are not responsible for any damages caused by these changes, cancellation, and termination, unless we have a reasons for the Company.

    ・ This campaign and discontinuation of this campaign and application agreement will be the effect of this campaign (our company)NEWSIt shall occur in all applicants when the information of this campaign is posted on the page) or the information of the change, cancellation, and termination of this campaign or when the change of this application is posted.

    ・ We will not be liable for any trouble or damage (directly or indirectly damaged) due to application for this campaign.

    ・ Applications and inquiries for this campaign will be borne by the applicant.

    ・ For applicants including posts about this campaignFacebookWe are not responsible for the posting content above or the troubles that occurred between the applicant involved and the third party.

    ・ If a dispute occurs between the applicant and the third party in connection with the application for this campaign, we will not be liable for any responsibility, and the user will be responsible and cost. To solve it and do not cause any damage to the Company.

    ・ This campaign isFacebookIt is not due to the provision and sponsor of the company.FacebookThe company's terms of use will be applied separately for the use of, so please check it yourself before using it.

    FacebookIf you cannot apply for this campaign due to maintenance and defects of services provided by applicants, and information leaked or other damages due to communication terminals used by applicants and services provided by telecommunications carriers, information leaked and other damages. We are not responsible for any of the three parties.

    -If you determine that you have violated these Terms of Applications, you will be able to take necessary measures such as blocks of your account, and we will have any damage to the applicant in connection with this. We will not be responsible for.

    ・ The rights acquired in the winning of this campaign cannot be transferred to a third party.

    ・ If you cannot deliver a present due to unknown destination or long -term absence, the winning will be invalidated.

    ・ Japanese law applies to this campaign and matters related to the application rules.


    【Prohibited matter】

    Posting or acts that fall under any of the following are prohibited. Please note that these posts are not considered an effective application for this campaign.


    ・ Law, public order and morals, this agreement, this application,FacebookViolates any or multiple provisions of each of the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use, or a post

    ・ Violates the copyright and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights and other rights and interests of third parties

    ・ Our company, post that slanders others

    botPosts using functions

    ・ Post for profit

    ・ Post that attracts criminal acts

    ・ Photos that promote obscene, child pornography, and sexual exploitation of children and other substances that make discomfort to third parties

    ・ Post containing personal information

    ・ Acts that hinder the operation of this campaign

    ・ Other acts similar to act listed in the previous items


    [About personal information]

    The Company uses personal information received from applicants for the operation of the campaign conducted by the Company, such as lottery, winning contact, shipping gifts, reply to inquiries, etc. for research and research on how to promote better sales in campaigns. Let me do it. In addition, unless it is provided to the outsourcing to the extent necessary for the outsourcing of the campaign, we will not provide a third party without the consent of the applicant (when disclosure is requested by laws and regulations. except). 


    [Inquiries regarding campaign]

    20237Month14Sun (Friday) ~2023Year8Month31Sun (Thursday)

    * Please note that we cannot answer inquiries about lottery results and shipping.

    * You cannot apply by email.