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Seibu Shibuya is exhibiting COLDGIRL at "CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA"!

    [2023/6/5 release]
    Hello, this is the150 secretariat.

    On the 1st floor of the Seibu Shibuya Parking Museum, "CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA"
    "Coldgirl" has been exhibited since June 2023.

    It will be the only store that you can actually pick up and see.
    Please come and visit us!

    CHOOSEBASE SHIBUYA is a new business -type OMO (Online Merges With Offline) store for new business format by Sogo and Seibu.
    In addition to obtaining things, the next -generation store where you can experience new encounters and purchases with learning such as "encountering meaning and buying will" at the entrance of "awareness", "support" and "support". We propose a way.