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What is a smartphone case recommended for minimalists without wallets?


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    Both storage capacity and slimming


    We are THE150 (One Five O). We are surprised at the world by imagining the new value of the people's lives in light of the modern situation, proposing their own interpretation and new possibilities without compromise. The purpose is to provide.


    The elements required at the future cashless transition stage imagined by THE150 were "breaking out of wallets" and "simple wallet of smartphones". In order to make a simple wallet of a smartphone, an unprecedented idea and ingenuity were necessary, and I thought it was important.


    In particular, I felt that modern smartphone smartphone cases were required of protection, fashion, and moderate storage capacity to the device itself.


    What are the functions required for a smartphone case that can replace your wallet?

    For minimalists who want to reduce their luggage as much as possible, "wallet" is surprisingly troublesome.Recently, the number of cash scenes has decreased due to cashlessization, but there are still many shops that can only pay in cash.

    There are many types of pockets that can store cards in smartphone cases, but there are few types that can store coins and folded bills.


    Advantages of treating smartphone cases as wallets

    The big advantage is that luggage is reduced anyway.

    If you have a smartphone, you will not forget your wallet, and your luggage is not bulky.


    The rest is a similar merit, but if you put a regular, etc. together, you will not have to worry about forgetting your commuter pass when commuting.


    Disadvantages to use smartphone cases as wallets

    Not too much

    Everything is "too careful".

    Just because there are lots of coins and cards, if you pack too much, your smartphone will be heavy and it will be difficult to operate.

    Also, if it is stored in a large amount in a small case, it will take time to remove coins and cards when needed.

    If it takes time and effort when used, it will be overturned if it takes time and effort in search of smartness and simplicity.


    It's hard if you forget

    The opposite of the merit is that if you put all your precious cards and business cards, you will not be able to do anything when you forget your smartphone.


    Not suitable for going out

    On travel and business trips, there are unexpected troubles and situations where cash is needed suddenly.

    The disadvantages are similar to the above, but let's use compact storage in consideration of risk hedging.

    Reducing luggage is not a good thing, and you can use it effectively by understanding the disadvantages.


    Outstanding storage capacityWRAPUPIs a smartphone case that can be used as a wallet.

    Our smartphone case "WRAPUP" is a dream -like case for such a minimalist form that collects convenient parts.

    With this, you don't need a wallet anymore.

    Let's take a look at the characteristics of "WRAPUP".


    Mini wallet

    Mini wallet 

    Going out with a smartphone case and wallet is the past.

    Now that cashless is progressing, Wrapup should make up for those issues.

    Even if you go out, if you bring one Wrapup, there is no trouble that you will forget your wallet and panic.


    You can also store more than 20 cards! 。

    Even if you do not put out your wallet, you can use WrapUp from your pocket and use the card quickly.

    business card holder

    business card holder 

    At this size, you can store about 40 business cards.

    Always just putting only a few business cards, and there is no doubt that you will be worried about "I forgot the business card holder!" In a sudden business scene.


    accessory case

    It is possible to put various accessories by expanding and contracting.

     With WRAPUP, small items that cannot be stored in regular iPhone cases, such as "SD card", "cables", and "keyes", can be stored together.


    Compatible with the latest iPhone12 

    Wrapup supports the latest iPhone12, 12Pro and mini. It not only protects the latest iPhone firmly, but also has a great deal of storage and functionality in both business and private. By making it a minimal luggage, you can not only make your hands empty, but also prevent you forgetful and focus on your work.


    The light -working appearance will give a smart impression to the business partner. In addition to the conventional black, gray and coyote, a red lineup of official sites limited color. You can now choose your favorite color.


    Record over 300%of threats with crowdfunding

    Thanks to you, Wrapup is in crowdfunding

    393%of the numbers were left and finished successfully. Thank you very much for your support.


    Features of WRAPUP

    I will tell you more in detail the materials and features of WrapUp.


    Storage function corresponding to cashless

    Our notebook type smartphone case does not have a magnet.

    It is recommended because you can use a notebook -type smartphone case without worrying about magnetic anxiety while maintaining functionality.

    There were buttons other than the magnet, but we adopted a surface zipper. If you use a fastener, the thickness will come out.

    Hook-and-loop fastener

     Hook-and-loop fastener

    The interior of the flap is a short -haired type, taking into account the thickness of the product, and a material that is easier to hook on the back of the case is selected. Prevents magnetic damage and locks stored things safely.


    3 pockets+zipper

     3 pockets

    The three pockets inside the case are equipped with zipper poket in the center.

    It is safe because you can safely store important things and keys and keys.

     Sturdy and durable specifications

    In producing WRAPUP into a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered a lot of materials and actually touched it and went to see it.

    In fact, the U.S. military standard shock test MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8 falls tests, so that they can demonstrate the performance of the products even in extreme areas. MIL specifications and MIL standards are cleared.

     In addition, the convenience of the possible storage is possible, and the polycarbonate part is applied to matte paint, so it is a smartphone case not only on functional as well as functional as well as a smartphone case.

    Stretch material

     Stretch material

    It has a two -layer structure of SUNWELL's water -repellent Eji care and 4WAY stretch nylon in Japan, which has a history of nearly 50 years.

    Unfortunately, it can be used with confidence in the weather or in the outdoor scene.


    Overwhelming extension rate

    Overwhelming extension rate 

    The feature of WRAPUP is the elasticity!

    This can be stretched when you put it in a lot, and it can be stored neatly when it is small. In addition, by adopting a double -reconsited stretch material in a double structure, it can be used without a shape.


    Smartphone case compliant with MIL standard

     MIL spec

    MIL standard (MIL specification) is an abbreviation of Military Specification, which refers to the specifications of the US military procuring supplies. This information is open to the public, for example, such as temperature resistance and impact resistance.


    This standard is stipulated to demonstrate the performance of the product even in an extreme environment.

    The US military is not procured, but it is often used as a tough indicator.

    Basically, no one is intentionally or violently treated, but there is no doubt that it will be useful in case of emergency. Especially, especially if it is an indispensable gadget in any scene.


    Switch zipper "AQUAGUARD"

     Spring zipper

    YKK's water stop zipper "AQUAGUARD" is often used for outdoor wear, rainwear, waterproof back, etc.


    The appearance of the zipper laminated with a film gives a different material in the front fabric, so it is a stylish part that is often used as a design point as well as the water stop function.



    I recommend this hotel

    ・ Recently, cashless payments have increased, and I no longer feel the need for wallets.

    ・ It is troublesome to put in and out of the card from the wallet

    ・ I often forget my wallet

    ・ When going out, the minimum luggage is good as possible

    ・ I want a case that can be used private without separation in business

    ・ I want a sturdy case that protects the iPhone firmly

    ・ I want a military -like case that can be used outdoors


    Product Summary


    Compatible models

    ・ IPhone12/12pro

    ・ IPhone12mini


    Color variations


    ・ Coyote


    ・ Red (limited to official sites)



    ・ WrapUp

    ・ Calabinastrap

    ・ Carabiner



    General selling price: 14080 yen (tax included)

    Free shipping in Japan



    iPhone12Pro/12 compatible

    ・ Product size H135 / W68 / D19mm

    ・ Product weight 70g

    Compatible with iPhone12mini

    ・ Product size H135 / W68 / D19mm

    ・ Product weight 65g

    * Currently only the iPhone12 series is supported.


    For more informationProduct LinePlease see more.



    As for the development of WRAPUP this time, there is a situation where cashlessness has become popular with rapid momentum. According to the 2015 survey data by the World Bank, more than 50 % of Western countries have become more than 50 %, and in Asian countries, cashlessness is increasing around the world, led by about 90 % of South Korea, a cashless country. 。


    THE150 imagined the background of this complete cashless world and cashlessness, and imagined one solution to the cashless lifestyle required at the present stage.


    All WrapUp functions are specialized in this transitional cashless lifestyle.

    I sincerely hope that your life will be comfortable with WRAPUP.


    "Those who use iPhone12 mini"


    "Those who use iPhone12 Pro/12"



    Top10 of the 2nd "Tsutaya Home Appliances + Grand Prize"Wrapup won the prize.

    Please see here if you like.


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