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Recommended notebook type smartphone case recommended for those who are worried about magnetic defects

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    Recommended notebook type smartphone case recommended for those who are worried about magnetic defects


    "Notebook type smartphone case" is popular in smartphone cases.


    It is a convenient type, such as having a compact mirror inside, can be stored with an IC card such as a commuter pass.


    However, you can hear anxiety, such as "using a notebook type smartphone case, the magnet goes crazy due to the opening and closing part."


    This time, I will talk about such anxiety.

    Impact on magnetic cards by notebook type smartphone case


    Although it is said to be due to magnetism, there are many parts that do not know why it is actually said and what cards are affected.


    There are some types that are easily affected by making cards, and difficult to accept, so let's check that first.


    "Non -contact type" that is hard to be affected by magnetic

    Mainly "Suica" and "PASMO" are not affected.


    Basically, it would be fine to put it in a notebook type case.


    The effects of magnetism by magnet are difficult to accept, but be aware that it may still cause bad magnetism.


    "Magnetic card" that is susceptible to magnetism

    Typical ones include "Bank Cash Card" and "Bank's Credit Card".


    We do not recommend this in a notebook type case.


    As a feature of this card, you can see that a black line (tape) is attached to the back.

    The black line is called "magnetic tape", and it is a mechanism that reads information written on magnetic tape by a machine.

    As the name implies, the magnetic tape is a card with a magnetic body, and the data can be stored by changing the magnetic properties of small magnetic particles based on the iron, so it is strongly affected by the magnet. Masu.


    If there is a magnet in a nearby place, there is a great possibility that magnetism will be more likely to cause magnetic defects and you will not be able to read correctly.


    In particular, if your usual payment is made with this kind of cash card, etc., it may suddenly cause magnetic defects and you may not be able to pay, and it may be necessary to reissue it. let's.



    Notebook type smartphone case type and precautions when choosing

     Notebook type smartphone case

    However, for those who live in cashless, the notebook -type smartphone case is also useful in terms of reducing belongings.


    Benefits of notebook type smartphone case


    I think that many are functions that can store cards in the lid.


    Besides that,


    • It can be used as a smartphone stand by folding the cover.
    • If you have a hand mirror inside, you can easily check the grooming as well as women.
    • Since both front and back of the smartphone body are covered, the exposure area of ​​the smartphone is low and the protection performance is high.
    • Many straps are attached, which leads to falling.


    Disadvantages of notebook type smartphone cases

    Let's understand the weak parts in advance.


    • It is difficult to take a photo.
    • The weight and volume increase.
    • A notebook -type smartphone case with little exposure of the body can be said to be easy to accumulate the heat, which is the enemy of the smartphone.
    • If you do not open the lid, you will not be able to see the incoming call or app notification, so you may not notice the notification.

    I can give it.

    Choose with the material used

    Pu leather and genuine leather are often used for notebook -type smartphone cases.


    The material called PU leather can be purchased at a reasonable price compared to genuine leather, and the appearance and atmosphere are not much different from genuine leather.


    Genuine leather becomes used in your hand as you use it. In the above PU leather, the more it is used, the more deteriorated, but genuine leather changes in a good way in color and feel, so your own taste is born and you can attach it.


    If you want to enjoy many kinds of cospa, choose a PU leather, if you want to use it for a long time, even if it is expensive.


    Select by opening and closing method

    There are a notebook -type smartphone case that opens from the right and opens from the left.


    If you often operate with your right hand even if you are left -handed, you will feel easier to use left open. Usually, you can get a smartphone case that is easy to use after checking which of your smartphones is often operated.


    There seems to be a smartphone case with a vertical opening.

    The existence of a notebook -type smartphone case without a magnet

    There is also a notebook -type smartphone case without magnet.


    It is recommended because you can use a notebook -type smartphone case without worrying about magnetic anxiety while maintaining functionality.


    However, if there is no magnet, the opening and closing parts are easy to flutter, so some people may feel a little stress.


    "WRAPUP" is a notebook -type smartphone case without magnet


    Our notebook type smartphone case does not have a magnet.


    There were buttons other than the magnet, but we adopted a surface zipper. If you use a fastener, the thickness will come out.


    In addition, since it is made of outdoors, it can be wrapped around a backpack or bag belt as shown in the image.


    By adopting a surface zipper, not only the magnetic problem mentioned earlier, but also the range of scenes and styles that can be used has expanded.


    It is a convenient smartphone case as a wallet integrated because its storage is excellent.


    WrapUp is made of stretch nylon, so it is very expanded and contracted.


    This can be stretched when you put it in a lot, and it can be stored neatly when it is small. In addition, by adopting a double -reconsited stretch material in a double structure, it can be used without a shape.


    In terms of cards, more than 20 pieces can be stored. Even if you do not put out your wallet, you can use WrapUp from your pocket and use the card quickly.


    In addition, this size can store about 40 business cards.

    Just putting a few business cards in a few, and you'll definitely have to worry about "I forgot the business card holder!" In a sudden business scene.


    WRAPUP is recommended for such people

    • Recently, cashless payments have increased, and I no longer feel the need for a wallet.
    • It is troublesome to put in and out of the card from the wallet
    • I often forget my wallet
    • When going out, the minimum luggage is good as possible
    • I want a case that can be used in business without separation in business
    • I want a sturdy case that protects the iPhone firmly
    • I want a military -like case that can be used outdoors

    Commitment to selecting materials

    When producing WRAPUP into a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered many materials and actually touched and saw them.


    As a result, the two -layer structure was combined with a polycarbonate material and TPU material, and a thorough design was realized.


    In fact, the U.S. military standard shock test MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8 falls tests, so that they can demonstrate the performance of the products even in extreme areas. MIL specifications and MIL standards are cleared.


    In addition, the convenience of the possible storage is possible, and the polycarbonate part is applied to matte paint, so it is a smartphone case not only on functional as well as functional as well as a smartphone case.


    "Those who use iPhone12 mini"


    "Those who use iPhone12 Pro/12"



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