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What you want to check when purchasing a smartphone case and the introduction of WRAPUP

    Smartphone purchase

    Is there anyone who runs a general store or an apparel shop and is considering purchasing a smartphone case?


    When it comes to actually purchasing, you often don't know, "Where to place an order" or "how much you can order".


    This time, I will proceed with stories that can solve such troubles.


    What are the points to be aware of when purchasing a smartphone case?


    So, what points should we actually pay attention to?


    Is the destination to buy a wholesale site or a retail site?

    If you buy it, you will first think there are several destinations, but be sure to know if it is wholesale or retail.


    Wholesale is a sales office for companies that can buy various products from wholesalers (wholesalers). In many cases, only businesses are sold and purchased, so when purchasing, registering business information is required and it is a membership system.


    The advantage of purchasing with wholesalers is that you can purchase products you buy at the wholesale price, so you can purchase them much cheaper than purchasing at a general retailer.


    On the other hand, retailers often sell products to ordinary consumers besides traders. Compared to wholesale, businesses, individuals, and companies can use the shops regardless of whether they are free, and there are many benefits that delivery is free and there is no time to arrive, but compared to wholesalers. If you do, it will take some cost.

    Number of lots that can be ordered

    The points you care about when purchasing are the number of orders besides delivery and expenses. The number required will vary greatly depending on the usage, such as whether to purchase a large amount in anticipation of sales or a small amount as a sample. Don't forget to check how many orders you can order.


    If you need a lot of lots, it is recommended to ask a smartphone case specialist.

    In the case of specialized vendors, many have their own factories overseas, and mass production and wholesale are possible.


    What kind of factory is making it?

    It is also a point to worry about where the smartphone case you buy is made. In most cases, it is often made overseas, especially in China. The fact that it can respond cheaply compared to domestic production is affected.


    Some of you may be worried that it is a little worrisome to be from China, but before the product is shipped, it is shipped after a firm test of quality. There is no.


    State at the time of delivery

    When purchasing a smartphone case, it is also a point to be worried about how it is delivered. Mainly, there are two patterns, which is broadcast on a vinyl case called "OPP" and a state of sticky transparent film.


    Basically, it is firmly wrapped, so it is rarely damaged or broken in the carried. If there are scratches and dirt and returns or replacements, the corresponding method differs depending on the supplier, so when the product arrives, make sure that there is no problem as soon as possible.


    THE150's commitment



    We can trade from one minimum. The lower generation has adopted a form that will respond to consultation depending on the quantity you handle. Whether you buy a complete purchase or digestive purchase, you can support either, and the shipping fee is free.

    What is the producer of WRAPUP?


    WrapUP production factories are also in China, but it is indispensable to be able to trade with confidence. In order to deliver good products, we are focusing on communication with local factories.


    I feel that the common problem when producing in China is that the quality of the product is poor and there is a problem. I can't say it unconditionally, but as a requesting side, I think that it can be solved by telling the factory side what kind of product to manufacture, and by showing and conveying not only words but also "things". We are thoroughly performed as THE150.


    Main business partners of WRAPUP



    There are not many at this stage, but the number of trading at the apparel shop has increased little by little.


    The company wants to recruit a wide range of dealers, such as EC sites and general stores, without any conditions for the store form of business partners.


    Since the minimum lot is not set as a merit for suppliers (dealers), it can be handled from one piece. Because the minimum number of lots is not provided, the purchaser does not have to worry about in vain, so it is possible to increase it while watching the sale.


    If you are looking for a supplier of the iPhone case, please contact us.


    Smartphone case 

    Please feel free to contact us for any questions or questions.


    For example, if you have an online shop in Rakuten, etc., if you receive an order from a customer, we will send an order form by e -mail etc., and based on the contents of the request form, we are the product. Do it for packing and shipping. From the store of the online shop, we can only ask our company, and all of the rest will be done, so you can trade with confidence.


    WrapUp specifications


    Compatible models

    • iPhone12/12pro
    • iPhone12mini


    Color variations

    • black
    • Coyote
    • gray
    • Red (only for official site)



    • WRAPUP
    • Calabinastrap
    • Carabiner


    General selling price: 14080 yen (tax included)

    Free shipping in Japan



    iPhone12Pro/12 compatible

    • Product size H151 / W76 / D19mm
    • Product weight 70g


    Compatible with iPhone12mini

    • Product size H135 / W68 / D19mm
    • Product weight 65g


    * Currently only the iPhone12 series is supported.



    Wrapup, which has both a wide range of functionality and sturdy protection, is not only easy to use.

    Thanks to you, it was successfully finished after leaving 393%of the crowdfunding. Thank you very much for your support.


    All WrapUp functions are specialized in this transitional cashless lifestyle.


    I sincerely hope that your life will be comfortable with WRAPUP.



    Commitment to selecting materials


    When producing WRAPUP into a sturdy smartphone case, I ordered many materials and actually touched and saw them.


    As a result, the two -layer structure was combined with a polycarbonate material and TPU material, and a thorough design was realized.


    In fact, the U.S. military standard shock test MIL-STD-810H METHOD 516.8 falls tests, so that they can demonstrate the performance of the products even in extreme areas. MIL specifications and MIL standards are cleared.


    In addition, the convenience of the possible storage is possible, and the polycarbonate part is applied to matte paint, so it is a smartphone case not only on functional as well as functional as well as a smartphone case.


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    Product Details



    WRAPUP is recommended for such people


    • Recently, cashless payments have increased, and I no longer feel the need for a wallet.
    • It is troublesome to put in and out of the card from the wallet
    • I often forget my wallet
    • When going out, the minimum luggage is good as possible
    • I want a case that can be used in business without separation in business
    • I want a sturdy case that protects the iPhone firmly
    • I want a military -like case that can be used outdoors



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