Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I forgot my password. What should I do now?

A. Go to "Forgot your password?" on the login screen in the site and password re-notification in order to reissue the password.
※If you have forgotten your ID, please contact us from the inquiry.

Q. If you want a receipt:

<For credit card payment>
Please consider the "usage statement" issued by each card company as a receipt.If you need a receipt issued by our company, please be sure to specify the order number from the inquiry and inform us that you want a receipt.

Q. I would like to change the registered information (email address, password, address). Can I make it?

A. If you would like to change your e-mail address or password, please contact us from the inquiry.To change the password, you can reissue the password by going to the password re-notification from "Forgot your password?" on the login screen.To change your address, first log in from the login screen, then click Account details> Confirm address> Edit button to edit the address.When you are done, click the "Update Address" button to update the information.

Q. When will I receive the ordered product?

A. Usually, it is delivered within 2-9 days after placing an order.
※It may take longer than usual to deliver in following cases.
When we got a lot of orders at once, or there are consecutive holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and our holidays, and period when there is a large amount of shipment from manufacturers and suppliers or we have other work to be done. Please note that in the case of overseas shipment, the delivery may be delayed from the original estimated delivery date due to customs clearance procedures.

Q. Is it possible to ship overseas?

A. We accept overseas shipments.
※We can only deliver to the countries listed in the country/region at the time of purchase.
We will send it by International Speed Mail (EMS). Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and the total weight of the item.
Customs duties, other import taxes, and customs fees may be charged at the time of customs clearance in the recipient country.In that case, the recipient will be responsible for the cost, so please pay directly to the shipping company or customs upon delivery.Please note that olicies regarding taxes and customs fees may vary from country to country, so please contact the customs office of the receiving country for details.
※Currently, overseas shipping is temporarily suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Q. Is it possible to specify the delivery date and time?

A. It is not possible to specify the arrival date. (Especially when we need to procure items, the delivery date may be uncertain.) If the customer is absent when the item is delivered, an absence communication slip will be posted. If you are unable to receive the item, please contact the Redelivery Reception Contact number given there and inform of your desired delivery date.

Q. If you cannot receive the ordered product

A. Arrival may be delayed due to traffic conditions on the day and shipping conditions of the delivery company. The delivery status of products can be confirmed in real time from the following baggage inquiry service of the delivery companies.When confirming, please have the "Luggage Inquiry Number" described in the "Product Shipment Notification" email sent after the product is shipped.

Kuroneko Yamato's baggage inquiry system:

Regarding International Mail Postal Tracking:
You can check the delivery status of EMS from the website of the overseas post office.
※Currently, overseas shipping is temporarily suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Q. If the card payment fails:
Carefully check the card number/expiration date (year/month)/card holder.If a card error occurs while you are entering the correct card number, it means that the credit card you entered is currently unavailable.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check with your credit card company for the current status of the card.

Q. Can I cancel after ordering?

A. Please note that you cannot cancel some products or products that have been shipped. For details, please see the notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

Q. Can I make reservations and layaway?

A.You cannot make reservations, back orders, or layaways of products.

Q. Is it possible to change the delivery address?

A.We do not accept changes in the shipping address once your order is complete.

Q. My item has been returned due to a long absence.

A. To Japanese customers
If Yamato Transport issues an "absence communication slip" and you do not contact them for about a week, the package will be returned to us.We will cancel your order as soon as the package is returned, so please contact the Yamato Transport Sales Office as soon as possible.
If there is no absence communication slip, please contact us.In addition, we do not accept reshipment after the product is shipped.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please order the desired product again.

To customers using overseas EMS
If you cannot receive the item, it will be canceled. Please purchase again.
※Currently, overseas shipping is temporarily suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Q. Can I return or exchange?

A. As soon as you receive the product, please check it for damage. In the unlikely event that there is damage during shipping or there is a mistake in the product, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives.We will bear the shipping charges and will either repair or replace the item.If the item cannot be repaired, or if it cannot be replaced, such as sold-out items, discontinued items, or limited items, we will refund the product fee and transfer fee after returning the item at our shipping cost.Please note that we do not accept any returns or exchanges of goods due to customer's convenience. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
・Products that have passed more than 8 days since they arrived
・Products that the customer has used once
・Products that are damaged or soiled by the customer
・Products processed and repaired by the customer
・When accessories such as the product box, tags, and instructions are dirty, damaged, or lost.

Q. I have not received the order confirmation email.

A. The order confirmation email is automatically sent. There is a possibility that the domain has been specified or the email address has been registered incorrectly.If you are using WEB mail, it may also be sorted as junk mail depending on the settings of your mailer. You can check your order history by logging in> Order history.
※If you are taking measures against spam, please cancel the domain designation of "".

Q. Can I order by phone?

A.We do not accept phone orders. Please place an order from our website.

Q. What is Amazon Pay?

A.Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to make payments using the address and card information registered with Amazon.

Q. I want to confirm my order.

You can confirm it by clicking the "Display order" button in the order confirmation email.

Regarding the impact of measures to prevent new coronavirus infection
Due to an increase in the number of customers using online shopping, shipping and delivery delays have occurred. Although we strive to deliver products to customers as soon as possible, please be aware that it may take longer than usual to arrive at the products.