User Guide

About membership registration

It is so convenient to register online shop members!

  • Point01

    When it is troublesome every time
    Input information automatically!

    If you register as a member (free of charge) when using the online shop and register the customer information, you will not have to have to enter the customer information every time during the payment procedure, so it is easy to order. I can.
    * There is also a "guest purchase" where you can use the online shop without registering as a member.

  • Point02

    Check out the shopping history in the list!

    You can check the past order history.

  • Point03

    Register the e -mail magazine and get a great deal of information as soon as possible!

    We will deliver great campaign information as soon as possible by registering an e -mail magazine member at the same time as a member registration.

Flow of membership registration

  • Step01

    Move to the login screen


    Press "Humanoid icon" in the top menu at the top of the screen.

  • Step02

    Move to the account creation screen


    If you have a page transition on the login screen, press "New Member Registration".

  • Step03

    Enter the registration information


    After entering the "surname", "Frigana", "Frigana", "Frigana (Namae)", "Mail address", and "Password", check the terms and conditions and privacy policy, and check "I agree" if you like. Press the "Register" button.


Address registration flow

  • Step01

    Move to My Page


    Press "Humanoid icon" in the top menu at the top of the screen while logging in.

  • Step02

    Move to the registered address confirmation screen


    Press "Check the address" in the detailed item of the account.

  • Step03

    Move to the address registration page


    If you transition to the registered address confirmation page, press "Add a new address".

  • Step04

    Enter the registration information and add an address


    Enter the "surname", "name", "phone number" and "address" and press the "Add Address" button.


About order method

  • Step01

    Select the product and go to the shopping basket


    (1) Enter the number and select various options as needed.
    (2) Press the "Add to the cart" button.

  • Step02

    To the cart screen


    After adding the product to the cart, press the "Cart" button at the top of the screen.

  • Step03

    To the purchase procedure


    If there is no mistake in the product in the cart, press "Go to the purchase procedure".

  • Step04

    Delivery destination specification


    (1) If you have already registered online shops, you can omit the information input if you can log in.
    (2) If you are using it for the first time, please enter the delivery "orderer information".

  • Step05

    Enter the payment method and complete the payment


    (1) Enter the payment information.
    (2) Press the "Pay now" button.


If you can't receive an email from our shop

  • "Order confirmation email" will be sent to the e -mail address entered at the time of ordering. Please make sure that the content is wrong just in case.
    If there is an error in the content, if you use free mail, career, provider mail such as gmail, yahooMail, or if you are setting up spam mail, it is highly likely that you will not be able to receive e -mails normally. You may not receive an email from our shop.
    In that case, please contact us from the inquiry form.

    For inquiriesHere(We accept 24 hours)

About payment method

The following payment methods can be used in the THE150 online shop.

  • credit card

    [Types of credit cards that can be used]
    VISA / MasterCard / American Express / JCB
    Our website uses a security system called SSL. All your important credit card information is encrypted and sent.

    【please note】
    * In principle, we do not send credit card use in principle because of security consideration. We will replace the usage statement sent by the credit card company as a copy.
    * Depending on the usage status of the customer, it may be changed to other payment methods.
    * If you pay by credit card, we will approve your card on the website when ordering. If this approval is not obtained, please note that the use of the card will not be confirmed.
    * We will handle only credit cards in the name of the orderer.

  • Other payments

    ・ Amazon Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay/Shopify Pay
    * We will handle only credit cards in the name of the orderer.

About shipping and delivery

  • Delivery company

    Delivery to Japan
    We will deliver it by Takkyubin of Yamato Transport.
    Shipping overseasFAQPlease refer to the.

  • Delivery timing

    [Notes on delivery]
    Normally, delivery is around 2-9 days after ordering.
    * If your order is concentrated, or if there are consecutive holidays due to weekends and holidays and holidays, the shipment amount of manufacturers and suppliers, when the amount of other work is large, and the time before and after that, the delivery is longer than usual. It may take some time.
    Hokkaido, Tohoku, China, Shikoku, and Kyushu may take longer than usual.

    Please note.

  • Date and time specification

    You cannot specify the arrival date. (In particular, the ordering time may be uncertain.
    If you are absent on the day of the delivery date, the delivery company will leave the product back, leaving the absent notice. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact the contact information listed in the absence notice and give you instructions for redelivery.

  • Free shipping on purchases of 5,000 yen (tax included) or more

About handling, returned goods, and exchanges of defective products

If the product arrives at hand, please check whether it is damaged immediately.

If there is any damage during delivery or mistakes during delivery, please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.
We will repair or replace the delivery fee at our expense.
In addition, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges of products for customer's convenience.

For returns, please check the following [Conditions].

  • About conditions

    If it is not possible to repair it, if it cannot be replaced, such as sold out, discontinued product, or limited items, we will refund the product price and transfer fee after returning the product at the delivery fee. 。

    In addition, please note that returns and exchanges cannot be accepted in the following cases.
    ・ Products that have been over 8 days after the product arrives
    ・ Products that you have used once
    ・ Products that have been damaged and dirty by customers
    ・ Products processed and repaired by customers
    ・ If accessories such as product boxes, tags, instructions, etc. are dirty, damaged, or lost

  • Destination

    1-23-8 Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
    THE150 Co., Ltd.
    Inquiry formHere

About the corresponding browser

The browser that supports this online store is as follows.
If it is browsed or purchased with Internet Explorer, it may cause unexpected behavior, so please browse and purchase in another browser.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari for iOS
Google Chrome for Android