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Gears indispensable in summer sports and outdoor scenes

Coldgirl (cold girls) is a Toughness tote bag of JAPAN MADE, which allows you to hydrate with cold drinks anytime, anywhere in summer sports and outdoor scenes. A 24 -hour cooling performance that enables heat measures that have never been experienced due to global warming, a mill -spec class load capacity of 100 kg that can withstand tough use in the outdoor environment, canvas and turpoline Equipped with highly durable materials, and it is inevitable that it will be an indispensable gear for a scorching summer.

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Released 2022/7/16
Product number The150-0004-SP
JAN 4570086290115
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Product Points

画像: 帆布(11号 コットン100% Made in Japan)

1 Canvas (100 % cotton Made in Japan)

Because it is hand -dyed and sun -dried by craftsmen, there is a natural expression and deep taste of the fabric itself. It also features a gentle texture and color not found in the imported fabric.

画像: スエード(牛)

2 Suede (cow)

It has a crude and brushed casual texture using cowhide, featuring the softness and warmth feel and appearance. The original leather itself has a strong thickness and tension, so it has excellent durability.

画像: ターポリン(ポリエステル、樹脂 PVC)

3 Tarpoline (polyester, resin PVC)

A durable material that has high waterproof and antifouling properties and does not deteriorate even if used outdoors for a long time. It is used on the bottom of the main unit, and even if a bag is placed on a wet grass field or wet ground, the water does not penetrate inside the bag and protects the contents.


4 Water -stop zipper

Uses highly reliable YKK products (AQUAGUARD). The luxurious texture enhances the design, laminates the surface of the zipper tape with a polyurethane film to provide a water stoppage.

画像: クライミングロープ

5 Climbing rope

High -strength polyester, enhanced core rope 13 sturdy sail diameter 8mm is used. It is light, durable and has excellent water repellency, and does not absorb moisture even in wet environments. The broken rope intensity is about 1000kgf.


6 Duraflex (carabiner for backpacks)

A brand that leads the world for the outdoor sports supplies industry. Passionate in bringing the most functional and reliable accessories to the backpack market, established by Josephanscher.


7 Cordura

A very durable material used in high -performance clothing, utensils, workwear, outdoor equipment, etc. Not only durability, but also urethane coating is applied to the back, which is excellent in water repellency.


8 adjuster

The original parts that can easily adjust the length of the rope are fixed to the length of 8mm in diameter to the preferred length. Uses a lightweight and strong aluminum material with a thickness of 2.5 mm, and the surface is a matte black finish with a calm texture that suppresses gloss.


9 Tactical code

Attached to the slider of the water stopping zipper so that you can access more comfortably. Adopt the United States ATWOODROPE code to improve functionality and design.

Results of Refrigation Preservation Tests

Perform performance tests outside
High cooling and heat retention have been proved.


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