Storage capacity and Slimness

To achieve both storage capacity and slimness.

Wrapup has three compartments on the cover of the case. By making the fabric a stretch material, we have realized the expandability to store all the small items expected in daily life such as coins, cards and keys. And what we have to realize is that it should achieve both storage capacity and slimness. Therefore, when selecting the fabric, we paid particular attention to not only stretchability, but also restorability, texture and quality. It was a contradictory factor that if the fabric stretched too much, the restorability would deteriorate, and if appearance was emphasized, the storage capacity would decrease. However, after hundreds of tests, we finally came up with a solution of nylon 88/polyurethane 22 in a double structure. It can be stored even if the number of stored items increases, and you can keep it in a slim silhouette with a few items.


Pursue toughness to protect
important items.

We also paid special attention to toughness to protect devices with payment functions. For the part where iPhone is stored, we use a mil-spec polycarbonate case. By adopting a normal TPU case and a double structure, the protection function is enhanced while realizing a slim silhouette. The exterior fabric is made of water repellent material, and the cut surface that is easily damaged is coated with a special paint to improve durability and design. The fastener is made of highly reliable YKK, A waterproof fastener with the surface of the tape laminated with a polyurethane film. The appearance is matte finish, and the slider is made of the same color rubber material, which is easy to grasp.

new style

Suggest a new carrying style.

The inside of the flap and the back of the case are hook-and-loop fasteners on the entire surface, so it is possible to store the iPhone as if wrapping it. You can also use this function to attach it to the strap of your bag. Since it can be fixed using the attached carabiner and strap, it is perfect for fall prevention measures. The entire back has a hook-and-loop fastener, giving it a military look. Considering the thickness, the inner surface fastener has a short bristle type.

iPhoneX / iPhoneXS

Technical specifications
Compatible with wireless charging

Product specifications
Body size: About H147 X W73 X D19mm
Body weight: About 70g
Material: Polycarbonate, TPU
Package size: About H250 × W178 × D22mm

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